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10 Cheap Universities in Cyprus
People normally go to Cyprus to see the sights and have a taste of exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, the

10 Cheap Universities in Cyprus: – People normally go to Cyprus to see the sights and have a taste of exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, the Jewel of the Mediterranean is also known as the legendary birthplace of the ancient goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite.

The third-largest island in the Mediterranean has a captivating history that visitors can see by going through its streets. And one of the things they will see is the Venetian sandstone fortress in the old quarter of Nicosia or the frescoes of St. John’s Cathedral.

But, this Eastern Mediterranean island country offers more than just a tourist destination since Cyprus also has a notable educational system. This is evident in the number of Cypriots who receive higher-level education, which is the highest percentage among working-age Europeans.

10 Cheap Universities in Cyprus: – Taking this into account, international students may want to consider putting Cyprus on their list if they’re planning to study abroad. In this article, we will be going over the cheap universities in Cyprus for international students.

Cost of Studying in Cyprus

The cost of studying in Cyprus is not as expensive as many people think. International students can live comfortably on the island with a budget of 300 EUR ($400 USD) to 650 EUR ($800 USD). But, this will depend on which part of the island they are staying in.

10 Cheap Universities in Cyprus: – Moreover, several universities in Cyprus are cheaper compared to other universities in Europe. The tuition can go as low as 1,400 EUR ($1,700 USD) per year.

Are Universities Free in Cyprus?

Even as universities in Cyprus charge tuition for local and international students, you can be assured that some universities are cheap. You may be able to study for free if you get a scholarship, but this is normally limited to the tuition. So, you’ll have to deal with other miscellaneous expenses, like books and course materials.

What are the languages of instruction for universities in Cyprus?

10 Cheap Universities in Cyprus: – While many courses offered in Cypriot universities are taught in English, international students still need to show proof of their fluency and understanding of the language. This proof comes in the way of exam results, such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System). The result is required for admission to both public and private universities in Cyprus.

Cheapest Universities in Cyprus for International Students

1. Near East University

The Near East University is popularly known as YDU in reference to its Turkish name, which is Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi. It was established by Suat Günsel in 1988 in North Nicosia as an international institution of higher learning. With the undergraduate program and graduate programs starting at $1,700 and $1,200 USD respectively, Near East University is the cheapest university in Cyprus for international students.

The university has 20 faculties offering a wide variety of courses for its students who come from more than 100 countries. The courses offered by the university include Architecture, Economics, Pharmacy, Public Administration, Political Science, Marketing, and International Law, among others.

Near East University has all the features the students need for their education. It also has sports fields, restaurants, shops, and dormitories. Moreover, health and fitness centers are available for students who want to remain fit and healthy during their stay at the university.

2. European University of Lefke

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs: $2,800 USD to $8,500 USD per year
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: $4,200 USD per program
  • Tuition Fee Link

Established by the Cyprus Science Foundation in 1989, the European University of Lefke is a state university located in one of the richest natural landscapes of the island. Its tranquil setting makes it the perfect place for students to reach their academic potentials.

This cheap university in Cyprus has 11 faculties offering a broad range of programs that trains its students to become honest and innovative professionals after they graduate. It also aims to ensure they are capable of critical thinking and will contribute to society.

The courses offered by the university include Business Administration, Economics, Journalism, Special Education Teaching, ad Software Engineering, among others.

10 Cheap Universities in Cyprus: – The European University of Lefke has a Culture & Social Activity Centre where the students can learn, explore, and experience outside of the four walls of the classroom. It offers social and cultural activities for its students. The clubs and societies also cater to the individual passions of the students.

3. Cyprus College

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
    • 3,960 EUR ($4,700 USD) to 4,860 EUR ($5,800 USD) per year
  • Tuition Fee Link

Cyprus College was established as a business school by Ioannis Gregoriou in 1961. But, it later opened other fields of study, including social sciences and computer science. In 2007, the university application of the college was approved that paved the way for the foundation of the European University of Cyprus. Even with this, Cyprus College continued to operate independently of the university.

The college offers several programs of study that include two-year diploma courses up to a four-year bachelor’s degree course. These programs include Aesthetics, Business Administration, Music Technology, and Internet Marketing and Social Media.

10 Cheap Universities in Cyprus: – When it comes to life in the college, students have several options to ward of any stress from academic life. These options include joining interest-based student clubs or taking part in sports activities organized by the school.

4. CTL Eurocollege

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs: 4,290 EUR ($5,100 USD) per year
  • Tuition Fee Link

CTL Eurocollege was officially established as an institution for higher education in 1991. But, it can trace its roots back to 1966 with the foundation of the CTL Academy. The academy was well known for its high academic standards and achievements. It was initially a school for secondary education, but it later offered higher education programs. The current college maintained the high standards set by the academy while ensuring all students and staff were treated with respect.

The college offers several academic courses for its local and international students. These courses include Business Administration, Travel and Tourism Management, Computer Science, Hospitality Management, and Accounting.

Even as the college aims to assist their students to achieve their academic goals by providing a productive educational environment, it also provides help and guidance on personal and health issues the students are facing. Moreover, sports and recreational activities are available to promote health and wellness among the students of the college.


5. Cyprus International University

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
    • 4,747 EUR ($5,600 USD) to 10,435 EUR ($12,400 USD) per year
  • Tuition Fee Link

Established in 1997, the Cyprus International University was the result of an increasing interest in providing English instruction in a higher educational institution. It also recognized the need for Cypriot universities to conduct classes using foreign languages. Its name was inspired by this much sought after international identity.

It is a private, English-language university located in North Nicosia. Its 12 faculties and 6 schools offer several programs for both local and international students. These programs include Computer Technologies and Programming, Nursing, Recreation Education, and Hotel Management.

10 Cheap Universities in Cyprus: – Since academic life can be quite challenging, the university has several student clubs that support the cultural, academic, and artistic pursuits of the students. The students also have the opportunity to watch or participate in different multicultural activities.

6. Girne American University

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
    • 5,250 EUR ($6,200 USD) to 11,576 ($13,700 USD) EUR per year
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs:
    • GAU Alumni – 1,800 EUR ($2,100 USD) per year
    • Non-GAU Alumni – 2,500 EUR ($3,000 USD) per year
  • Tuition Fee Link

Next in our list of cheapest universities in Cyprus is the Girne American University, which was established as an American-style institution of higher education in 1985 by Mr. Serhat Akpinar. It was among the first universities in Cyprus to be recognized by the YOK (Turkish Higher Education Council). The university has educational partnerships with schools in different countries, including India, the UK, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, and the United States, among others.

The university has ten faculties and nine schools providing a good variety of programs for its students. These programs include Recreation Management, Aviation Management, Physical Therapy, Logistics and Transportation, Economics, and Business Management.

Students can look forward to joining any of the 20 sports clubs of the university. Moreover, the multicultural center of the university provides equal opportunity for all students to share, celebrate, and execute their creativity and traditional customs to make them feel at home.

7. Cyprus Institute of Marketing

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
    • EU students – 4,650 EUR ($5,500 USD) to 7,700 EUR ($9,100 USD) per year
    • Non-EU students 5,300 EUR ($6,300 USD) to 7,700 EUR ($9,100 USD) per year
  • Tuition Fee Link

The Cyprus Institute of Marketing was established by Prof. Theo Hadjiyannis in 1978 and is one of the cheap universities in Cyprus. In 1982, the institute transferred to a new location before transferring yet again in 1986. In 1988, it transferred to its current location. It is the first business school established in the Republic of Cyprus.

The institute has two campuses in Cyprus: its main campus in Nicosia and another one in Limassol. It offers a suitable selection of business-related courses, including Marketing Studies, Marketing Management, Business Administration, Insurance, Sales Management, and Tourism management.

All students at CIM automatically become a part of the Student Union, which is an autonomous body that organizes cultural, social, and recreational events for the students. The school also aims to broaden the horizons of its students by providing a diverse environment with students coming from different social and cultural backgrounds.

8. Intercollege

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
    • Cypriot/EU students – 4,208 EUR ($5,000 USD) to 6,000 EUR ($7,100 USD) per year
    • International students – 4,950 EUR (5,900 USD) to 6,000 EUR ($7,100 USD) per year
  • Tuition Fee Link

Intercollege was established in 1980 and is considered as the most reputable college in Cyprus. It accepted its first international students in 1981 and introduced its first Bachelor degree programs in 1983. The Larnaca Campus started operating in 1988 followed by the relocation of its Nicosia campus to a larger campus in 1993. The establishment of the University of Nicosia saw the transfer of all the Nicosia campus programs to the new university.

The school currently offers a good selection of programs for local and international students. These programs include Nautical Science, Marine Engineering, Aesthetics, Accounting, and Business Administration, among others.

Aside from their studies, students of the school also have the opportunity of joining clubs and activities organized by the School Union. The School Union ensures the students have someone to turn to in case they require assistance for their non-academic needs.

9. The Cyprus Institute

  • Tuition Fee For Graduate Programs: 5,400 EUR ($6,400 USD) per year
  • Tuition Fee Link

Established in 2005, The Cyprus Institute officially started operating two years after. It signed several partnerships with different organizations and universities around the world, including the University of Illinois and the Max Planck Society. The institute has several research facilities it operates in collaboration with different organizations.

The institute offers different master’s programs for students with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited and recognized academic institution. The programs offered by the institute include Simulation and Data Sciences, Digital Cultural Heritage, and Environmental Sciences.

The Cyprus Institute was created with the aim of transforming Cyprus into a knowledge-based economy. It is currently a top-notch research and technology institute conducting research programs using state-of-the-art technologies. Moreover, they provide training for upcoming scholars and researchers through its excellent postgraduate programs.

10. University of Kyrenia

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
    • 5,600 EUR ($6,600 USD) to 12,000 EUR ($14,200 USD) per year
  • Tuition Fee Link

We end our list of cheapest Cyprus universities with the University of Kyrenia. Even though it was officially established in 2013, the University of Kyrenia can trace its roots to the foundation of the Maritime Studies Faculty at the Near East University in 1978. After the University of Kyrenia was founded, it took full control of the Faculties of Maritime Management and Administration, Marine Sciences, and Maritime Studies.

The university has 14 faculties offering a host of programs for local and international students. These programs include Psychology, Aviation Management, Marine Engineering, Fisheries Technology Engineering, Law, and Special Education Teaching.  scholarship

Similar to other universities in Cyprus, the students of the University of Kyrenia are given the opportunity to relax and take a breather after their classes. They can join student clubs, explore the island, or watch cultural events held every now and then.

Cyprus is a beautiful country that will easily enthrall the curious minds of any international traveler. But, for students, it can be an option if they are keen on studying while experiencing life in this quaint Mediterranean island country. scholarship

10 Cheap Universities in Cyprus: – I hope that this article on the cheapest universities in Cyprus was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Cheap Tuition Category!