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2022 Coca-Cola Scholarships

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2022 Coca-Cola Scholarships

The internships are offered in several offices across the world. Candidates from various geographical locations are eligible to apply. Coca-Cola provides recent graduates with early career options. For the Coca-Cola internship program, people without experience are also welcome to apply.


Candidates will get the chance to work under the mentorship of Coca-Cola mentors during the Internship. You will study and develop through the internship program; students from all around the world must apply for this chance.

2022 Coca-Cola Scholarships

The Coca-Cola internship lasts for six months and is open to students from a variety of disciplines and areas. Check out the material provided below and apply for additional information about the internship opportunity with Coca-Cola.

  • Candidates will be able to learn new skills
  • Work under the supervision of company professionals
  • Able to know about different cultures
  • Network Building
  • Plus, point for your CVs

Location for Coca-Cola scholarships

The Coca-Cola Internship is available in several locations; you may choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Majors & Fields

The following areas and majors are eligible for the Coca-Cola internship program.


General Administration

Business Development & Strategy



Internal Control

People Resources

Chain of Supply


Electronic technologies


Government Relations & Communication

Positions available

Following positions are available for the internship program

  1. PACS – Internship Program BENELUX
  2. Data Engineer Intern
  3. FLA Marketing Intern – Romania
  4. DBA Intern
  5. R&D Process Engineer Intern
  6. Supplier Quality Management – Intern
  7. Marketing Intern
  8. Trainee Lawyer
  9. DBA Intern
  10. Nutrition Science & Innovation Intern
  11. Agile & Capability Junior Project Manager- Europe flexible location
  12. Global Supply Chain (7 positions)

Eligibility Criteria

For the Coca-Cola Company internship, candidates have to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • All International students are invited to apply
  • Applicants must have good communication skills
  • Internships are available in multiple regions; eligibility criteria may vary
  • Students must apply for the field relative to their education


2022 Coca-Cola Scholarships