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THREE hundred sickos convicted of sex acts on children are dodging jail every single year.

A staggering 4,000 adults found guilty of rape, assault or activity with kids under 16 have got escaped being put behind bars since 2010, shocking new stats reveal.

Hundreds are dodging jail and getting off with suspended sentences instead


Hundreds are dodging jail and getting off with suspended sentences insteadCredit: Rex

Wrong-uns were left free to roam the streets again after scrubbing graffiti or litter picking as jails are overflowing, the revelations from Labour show.

2,026 adults convicted were let off with community sentences and 2,474 with suspended sentences.

They include a man who attacked and raped a 13-year-old girl on multiple occasions over months.

Sean Hogg was found guilty in April this year – but let off from a possible five-year sentence as he was only 17 at the time – and got community service instead.

Another child rapist – Alistair Frederick – raped a boy under 13 and forced them to engage in sex acts – but got away with just a 20 month suspended sentence and rehab classes.

It comes as England’s court backlog spirals to the longest trial delays on record – with more than 62,000 cases outstanding.

Lawyers have warned this record numbers have led to some criminals being given more lenient sentences – as our prisons fill up too.

Labours Steve Reed MP, said last night: “The Conservatives have left dangerous child sex offenders free to roam the streets.

“Parents will be worried sick that the Conservatives have gone so soft on this horrendous crime.”

The Ministry of Justice last night insisted that individual sentences were down to independent judges – and average sentence lengths have risen every year since 2010.

A Conservative spokesperson said last night: “If Labour had their way, sex offenders would spend more time on our streets than behind bars.

“Not only did Labour vote against tougher sentences for violent sexual offenders, but Labour tried to block the deportation of foreign sexual offenders, choosing to keep them on the streets of Britain.

“Labour are too weak to take the tough decisions needed to keep our streets safe.”

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