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FREE Wi-Fi is available everywhere these days – but connecting to any old network you stumble upon is risky business.

Whether you’re on an iPhone, Android or your laptop, you should always think twice about the public Wi-Fi you join.

Check the Wi-Fi network you're accessing from public spaces is legit


Check the Wi-Fi network you’re accessing from public spaces is legitCredit: Getty Images

That’s because there are a ” tremendous number of risks”, according to internet security firm Norton.

There are various hidden dangers you don’t realise are lurking.

Firstly, the network you’re joining may have very lax or even nonexistent security in place, putting any devices that connect in the firing line.

On of the most common threats is known as a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack.

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Basically, it means a hacker can get in between you and the service you’re connected to and essentially “read” what’s being transmitted.

So when you think you’re securely logging onto emails or checking your bank account, someone may be snooping.

There are also phishing emails, where fraudsters impersonate a well-known brand to trick you into sharing private information.

You could be at even more risk if the network you’re accessing is unencrypted, as this makes it even easier for a scammer to get ahold of your web traffic and use it for their own needs.

Hackers also create malicious hotspots that trick people into connecting to what they think is a legitimate network because the name sounds reputable.

Once you connect to it, cybercriminals can access your personal information.

There are some ways to stay safe.

For example, don’t do anything too sensitive like banking from a public Wi-Fi network at all.

Using a VPN adds a layer of protection.

And make sure the websites you visit are HTTPS, as these are safer.

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