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Apply For Tongarewa Scholarships 2022/2023: – Apply for Tongarewa scholarship which is one of the best scholarship options for international students. This scholarship is awarded to a range of international students yearly. This is actually a partial fee-based scholarship that will go towards the tuition fees for one year of study. Applicants can actually be entering the first year of their undergraduate degree. Or they might be entering a post-graduate degree program at the University of Wellington.


This scholarship is actually very much competitive and is awarded on the basis of academic excellence. Applicants can apply to study in the year following application and will be credited with a tuition fee. Candidates that are shortlisted may actually be requested to make provisions for additional information that will help in supporting their application.

Apply For Tongarewa Scholarships 2022/2023: – A candidate that receives this scholarship is usually guaranteed an offer of a place in one of the halls of residence. Also, accommodation will be provided. Although accommodation will only be provided if the candidate has applied for accommodation and it has been received by the University Accommodation Wellington by their deadline.

Eligibility for the Tongarewa Scholarships

For applicants to be eligible to apply for Tongarewa scholarship, they must meet the following criteria if: Apply For Tongarewa Scholarships 2022/2023

  • An international student that is actually paying full international fees
  • The applicant must actually be entering their first year of an undergraduate degree or entering a postgraduate degree.

Applicants are not eligible for this scholarship if:

  • They completed their secondary school education at a New Zealand school.
  • Have completed their English for Academic Purposes or foundational studies program.
  • Are studying Abroad or a Twinning student from one of our overseas partner universities.
  • Applicants are in their second year of study in the same degree program at Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Apply For Tongarewa Scholarships 2022/2023

Scholarship Specific Documentation

Candidates must make some documents ready, the following documentation must be provided as part of your online scholarship application:  Apply For Tongarewa Scholarships 2022/2023

  • Candidates must provide a personal statement of up to 500 words that outlines why they want to study at the Victoria University of wellington. When writing your personal statement, you should also talk about your academic goals and why you are the best fit for this scholarship. You should also include any leadership that you have held and the details of your involvement both in your school and community.
  • Provision of your full transcript and other documents that are relevant to the qualification type.
  • An offer of place from Victoria University of Wellington (both conditional and unconditional).

How to Apply for Tongarewa Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship, you have to check the scholarship database. There you will be able to find all the required information that will guide you on how to apply for this scholarship. Furthermore, carefully check the scholarship details to be sure that you actually meet the eligibility criteria. We will actually recommend that you double-check the scholarship closing date and time. So you will be certain about when you’ll need to apply.

As an international student or a mature student, we strongly recommend that you shouldn’t rule out a scholarship until you have actually looked at the criteria. Which shows if you’re eligible to apply for the scholarship.

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There is actually no limit whatsoever to how many scholarships that you can apply for. However, if you are awarded more than one, you will need to check each scholarship regulation to confirm that you can actually hold them at the same time.

Accessing the Application Form

Apply For Tongarewa Scholarships 2022/2023: – Once you have been able to find a particular scholarship that you are eligible for. Then you will have to look for the “apply online link” that is in the scholarship details. This link is usually available a month before the closing date of the scholarship. You can actually apply for all scholarships online this way.

The details will also tell you what supporting documentation you will need to upload with your application, this includes things like references and personal statements.

Apply For Tongarewa Scholarships 2022/2023: – When you have actually selected “apply online” you will then be directed to the online application system. Which is called CommunityForce. If this is your first time using the system, then you will have to create an account. Then proceed to apply for this scholarship.


If you are however a current student, be sure to actually match your preferred email address on CommunityForce with your student records email address.


Completing your Application

This scholarship application system makes use of a dashboard with icons that turns green and also shows 100% once you have actually completed them. You also have the option to import data from your previous applications. This is done by actually selecting import responses from a pre-existing application. Review the imported data and also change the application that you are currently working on.

Keep in mind that each section of your application needs to be showing 100% completion before you actually click submit.

Once you have submitted it, you will receive a mail that confirms that your application was actually submitted successfully. If at any point, you wish to not proceed, you can simply delete the application from your application tab.

Late and incomplete, or unsubmitted applications will not actually be accepted.

After Submission!

Once you have actually created an account and applied for this scholarship, every other correspondence with regards to your application will actually come from admin@communityforce.com. You will get a notification by email about the status of your application.

We should add that it will be a good idea for you to add this email address to your safe sender’s list. This is to ensure that you don’t actually miss any important information about your application.

Selection for the Tongarewa Scholarships

The selection for this scholarship is usually made by a panel that is made up of appropriate staff from the University of Wellington.

Keep in mind that this scholarship is actually for a partial fee. This scholarship is usually credited to the tuition fee after the final withdrawal date for the particular course of the trimester that the recipient has actually been awarded.

Scholarship level: Master’s Research; Master’s by coursework; All postgraduate; First-year students; School leaver

Closing date(s): Trimester 1: 30 November; Trimester 2: 1 June; Trimester 3: 1 September

Award for: International Apply For Tongarewa Scholarships 2022/2023