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NASA’s Artemis 1 mission is no longer planning to launch this morning after being delayed due to overnight problems with fueling and a last minute engine issue.

The blastoff of ‘Nasa’s most powerful rocket’ was supposed to happen sometime between 8.33am and 10.33am EST on Monday, where WESH reported that crowds of up to 500,000 people were expected to watch.

The earliest new date for the launch is September 2, but Nasa has yet to officially confirm that as the new date.

When the launch does occur, the spacecraft will embark on a historic journey to the moon for the first time in 50 years.

Artemis 1 is the first in a series of complex missions with the aim to enable human exploration of the Moon and Mars.

The mission will test Nasa’s new heavy-lift rocket, weighing 5.75million pounds, the Space Launch System (SLS), and Orion spacecraft before planned crewed flights to the Moon.

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  • Mission scrubbed

    This morning’s rocket launch has been scrubbed due to a last minute engine issue that was not able to be fixed.

    The earliest new possible date for the launch is September 2, but Nasa has yet to confirm if the mission will be rescheduled to that date.

  • Watch live on Twitter

    You can watch this morning’s launch on NASA’s Twitter page.

  • Rocket to launch delayed

    The Artemis launch is currently on hold, as NASA is working to address an engine issue.


    The launch was originally scheduled to happen at 8.33am EST, and you can watch it live on YouTube.

    The launch will take place from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and the Orion spacecraft will ascend on a six-week mission in space.

  • Nasa has hinted that its original 8:33am ET launch time of the Artemis I rocket could change.

    It said: “It’s largely anticipated that that’s going to be slipping”.

    The launch window is still set for 8:33am to 10:33am ET on Monday, August 29.

  • The fuel tanks on the core stage of Nasa’s Artemis I rocket are now full.

    A nail-biting fueling moment this morning saw a suspected hydrogen leak delay the fuel process.

    Nasa says the leak is now “behind” it and is still looking to launch the Moon rocket later this morning.

  • NASA is preparing to launch its Artemis I mission to the Moon later today but its Space Launch System rocket seems to be facing fuelling issues.

    There’s been a delay in filling the fuel tanks after a suspected hydrogen leak was spotted.

    Nasa’s communication team has confirmed this delay and says tanks are still being filled.

    However, it also added that its scientists need to confirm if they have a hydrogen leak so it can be addressed.

    The fuel tanks are being filled with oxygen and liquid hydrogen, which combine to make rocket fuel.