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ASHLEY Cain has revealed how his late baby daughter Azaylia cried tears of blood in her final days.

The heartbroken dad, 32, bravely opened up about the harrowing moments in 2021 on the Original Penguin X Campaign Against Living Miserably Under The Surface podcast.

Ashley Cain with baby daughter Azaylia


Ashley Cain with baby daughter AzayliaCredit: miss_safiyya_/Instagram
Ashley is committed to keeping Azaylia's memory alive


Ashley is committed to keeping Azaylia’s memory aliveCredit: miss_safiyya_/Instagram

He explained how a rare from of leukaemia had continued to grow and spread inside eight-month-old Azaylia despite her chemotherapy treatment, leaving doctors without any more options to combat the disease.

Ashley said: “I got told we can take Azaylia home now, there’s nothing else we can do, and I’m like ‘what do you mean?’, they said: ‘There is nothing we can do. She can’t fly to Singapore to get the treatment that you wanted, she’s got tumours in her brain, she’s got tumours in her lungs, she’s got tumours in her stomach, she’s got tumours in her spleen, she’s got tumours everywhere. And the cancer is growing with the chemotherapy. There’s nothing we can do. 

‘So take her home, enjoy it, enjoy the last couple of days. I was like “what are you talking about?”

Ashley struggled to find solace in those moments knowing the pain and suffering Azaylia was going through and went to sleep fearful she would not be alive when he woke up.

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In the end he found himself praying that Azaylia would have a peaceful death and said he’d rather be tortured for the rest of his life than watch her suffer in the way she did.

He continued: “How can I take her home? Because I don’t know how she’s going to pass, if she’s going to bleed from the inside. 

“In the end, she started bleeding from her eyes, when she was crying blood was coming out of her eyes, everything. When I talk about perspective, imagine all you want is to know that your daughter can pass away peacefully in your arms. I was just asking God; ‘let her go peacefully and let her be in my arms’. And that’s how she went.

“When you count the last breath of your little Princess, every other decision that you have to make in your life becomes relatively simple.” 

Following Azaylia’s passing, Ashley has used his grief to raise money and awareness in his daughter’s memory.

He has carried out a series of incredibly challenging endurance events in aid of The Azaylia Foundation.

But through it all he has never tried to stifle his emotions.

He said: “Vulnerability isn’t weakness; it’s strength. You have to be honest and you have to be truthful. Not so much for everyone else, but for yourself. 

“I think talking is great because it’s a great first step in truly being able to understand your problems and accept them, because you’re prepared to tell someone else.

“I think the powerful thing about it is that the person you’re talking to is probably going to be going through their own problems, so that’s not only helping you but probably helping the person that you’re talking to as well.

“There’s a lot of people out there in my amazing community who are great people, but who are probably struggling just like me. We’re in this together, and together we are stronger. And the sooner you realise it, the better it will be.”

The proud dad was devastated by his daughter's cancer diagnosis


The proud dad was devastated by his daughter’s cancer diagnosisCredit: miss_safiyya_/Instagram

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