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DISASTER looms ahead next week as Charity Dingle struggles with a series of mishaps before her wedding with Mackenzie Boyd.

To maker matters worse, Emmerdale’s Chloe Harris goes into labour and gives birth to her lovechild with the hunk.

Mackenzie and Charity will be tying the knot next week


Mackenzie and Charity will be tying the knot next weekCredit: ITV
But they soon face the police


But they soon face the policeCredit: ITV
They both end up in cells


They both end up in cellsCredit: ITV

Chaos will take over the village in scenes airing on ITV, leaving fans to wonder if Charity (portrayed by Emma Atkins) will really tie the knot with Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb).

The couple get ready to walk down the aisle when Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) shows Charity a slideshow of pictures of Mackenzie and the Woolpack landlady has a lightbulb moment as she spots a reference to the A-Team.

However, she bickers with Moira and pushes her into a haystack.

Moira, who was chosen to be her brother’s best man, starts scrambling around for the rings but Charity’s paranoia gets the best of her as she accuses the farmer of deliberately sabotaging the wedding.

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The following day, however, Moira hands over the rings to a thrilled Charity and all is well.

Mack can’t believe his eyes when she reveals the gift Charity wanted to get him – a replica of the A-Team van.

Unfortunately, things come to another head later on a country road, where Mackenzie and Charity are in fancy dress, parked up in the van as things heat up.

They’re caught by PC Swirling and are shocked to learn the van has been involved in a robbery.

The copper has no other choice but to arrest them and they’re stuffed away in cells.

After spending a while locked up, Charity and Mackenzie learn they’ll have to get comfortable as they won’t be released any time soon.

Convinced Moira has set them up, Charity is fuming – but there’s more trouble.

Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) and Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) settle down for a pamper night… until the latter’s waters break and she prepares herself to finally meet her baby.

The following day, preparations for the wedding have begun but Charity and Mackenzie remain helpless in their cells, uncertain if their big day can really go ahead.

Charity is desperate and pleased with PC Swirling but her efforts are vain.

Thankfully, the couple are released but they’re heartbroken to realise it’s too late for them to get married.

Mack begs for Cain over the phone to stall vicar Charles Anderson but him and Charity are then thrown to see the A-team van roar into view with PC Swirling behind the wheel.

The vehicle reaches the church and Charles (Kevin Mathurin) agrees to marry Mack and Charity in their costumes.

Meanwhile, Chloe goes through a contraction and tries to urge Sarah to get ready for her grandmother’s wedding.

Sarah is then able to let Mack and Charity know that Chloe has gone into labour and the heartthrob immediately vanishes, claiming he has an emergency to tend to.

In the hospital, Chloe demands her phone so she can send a message to a mystery person.


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At the same moment, Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) finds his friend Mackenzie with the weight of the world on his shoulders and encourages him to hurry up.

Mack receives and reads a message on his phone before a moment of consideration and he he exits on a mission.

Charity fears the worst in the church while Chloe is in the depths of labour in the hospital.

The door is soon flung open and an emotional Chloe is relieved to see a mystery visitor enter the room

Could it be Mackenzie?

Will he choose to skip his own wedding to be by Chloe’s side?

Could Charity realise he’s the father of the baby?

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Will Chloe’s baby be in good health?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Sarah get ready for a pamper evening


Meanwhile, Chloe and Sarah get ready for a pamper eveningCredit: ITV
But Chloe soon goes into labour


But Chloe soon goes into labourCredit: ITV

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