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CHARLES Bronson has claimed he “hates violence” and has “never been a danger to the public.

Britain’s most notorious prisoner, 70, will find out this week whether his bid for freedom has been a success after 50 years behind bars.

Bronson is one the UK's most notorious prisoners


Bronson is one the UK’s most notorious prisoners

He has spent the last month trying to convince a parole board to set him free.

Armed robber Bronson has seen his sentence repeatedly increased for attacking prison staff and taking them hostage.

However now, in a voice note sent to Sky News, he has claims that he is not, and has never been, dangerous.

He said: “They keep f****** drumming it into the public I’m a danger. Who am I a danger to? I’ve never been a danger to the public. 

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“I love people, love ’em, I love the world. I’m not a f****** filthy terrorist or a rapist, or a murderer, so who am I dangerous to outside?”

He added: “I want to go home, I’m an artist born again. 

“I hate violence, I despise it and that’s all I’ve done for the last ten years, sit in my cell, a model prisoner, polite, respectful but they still won’t let me out.”

Throughout the parole proceedings Bronson openly discussed his crimes and time behind bars – before trying to convince them he is a changed man.

Bronson admitted he had no remorse about taking a governor hostage, had won £1,500 placing football bets behind bars and loved fighting in jail house brawls.

Bronson said: “I was born to have a rumble, I love to have a rumble.

“But I’m 70 now. It can become embarrassing. You have to grow up sooner or later.”

Bronson was first sentenced to seven years in jail after being convicted of armed robbery in 1974 – which was extended by nine months after he attacked a fellow prisoner with a glass jug.

He later attempted to strangle Gordon Robinson while at Broadmoor, before causing £250,000 worth of damage when he staged a three-day protest on a rooftop.

The serial criminal was eventually released in 1987 – it was then he changed his name to Charles Bronson on the advice of his bare-knuckle boxing promoter.

But it was not long before he was back in jail, after robbing a jewellery shop in 1988 and sentenced to seven more years inside.

Bronson was released early from his sentence in 1992 – but was back behind bars 53 days later for intent to commit robbery.

After holding three men hostage in his cell, the Luton lad saw another seven years added to his sentence – although this was cut to five on appeal.

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Following further incidents, he was finally given a life sentence after kidnapping prison teacher Phil Danielson in 1999, causing destruction to the prison.

After being held at a number of prisons across the country – including Belmarsh – he returned to HM Prison Woodhill in 2018, where Bronson is still incarcerated.

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