Home » Cleaning whizz shares three ways she makes her house smell great… but trolls all have the same complaints

A WOMAN has received some backlash after sharing her top tips on keeping a fresh smelling home. 

Sarah Bonds [@sarahjbonds1] took to her TikTok account to share her clever hacks with her 42.3k followers in a bid to spread the knowledge. 

A woman has shared her nifty hacks on keeping the house smelling great


A woman has shared her nifty hacks on keeping the house smelling greatCredit: TikTok/sarahjbonds1
She made her own spray to freshen up her couch


She made her own spray to freshen up her couchCredit: TikTok/sarahjbonds1
She baked vanilla extract to release the amazing aroma


She baked vanilla extract to release the amazing aromaCredit: TikTok/sarahjbonds1

The clip started with the content creator punching a small hole into the side of a multi-purpose cleaner from US brand Mr Clean. 

“Your house always smells so good,” she wrote over this, before lifting the top of the toilet tank and placing the entire bottle inside. 

For her second hack, she took an empty spray bottle and poured a bit of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol inside it. 

She then added fabric conditioner alongside hot water to dilute the solution. Sarah used this to spray her couch. 

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The final hack she passed onto viewers was one that involved a common baking ingredient: vanilla extract. 

Placing a small amount into a glass container, she put it into the oven to let it heat up and release the aroma around the house. 

“I learned the vanilla truck from a realtor friend,” [sic] she wrote in the comments section with a black heart emoji. 

While some were left in awe at some of the tricks, including the vanilla extract one, others couldn’t help but criticise her for placing multi-purpose cleaner into the toilet tank. 

“There was a plumber on her who was telling people not to put that in the back of your toilet because it’d cause corrosion i think. Not 100% sure,” [sic] one person shared. 

Another person warned: “I did the thing in the toilet bowl and it created mold in my toilet”. [sic] 

Sarah responded: “Oh no! I wonder why?? I’ll keep you posted on whether that happens with mine”. 

A third recounted their hilarious experience, revealing: “we did the toilet bowl thing and it fell over and created a foam cloud about 4 ft around the toilet, it was clean though”. 

Meanwhile, a fourth person shared an alternative to putting the whole bottle in the tank. They shared: “I love fabuloso, but I  just splash a little in the bowl every morning instead of putting it in the tank,” to which Sarah replied: “That’s smart!” 

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