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THIS is the shocking moment a dad came within feet of a deadly threat as he tested whether the sea was safe for his kids to take a dip in.

BJ and his wife Janelle were at a beach in Australia with their two children when he suddenly spotted a huge tiger shark lurking close to the shore.

The dad can be seen testing the water as something lurks close by


The dad can be seen testing the water as something lurks close byCredit: Instagram/@gettinglostisbeingfound
BJ and wife Janelle are travelling Australia with their two kids


BJ and wife Janelle are travelling Australia with their two kidsCredit: Instagram/@gettinglostisbeingfound

In footage shared on their YouTube channel, the dad can be seen walking up to the edge of the water at Shark Bay.

He pokes his foot into the sea and shakes it, causing the water to ripple.

But within moments a dark shape appears to move just feet away from him.

The couple then realised they were dealing with a tiger shark prowling close to the shore.

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BJ and Janelle – who have been travelling around the country full-time since May 2021 with their kids and documenting it on their Instragam page @gettinglostisbeingfound – decided against letting their youngsters play in the sea.

The mum told FEMAIL: “We were headed in for a swim and spotted a fin so my husband splashed a little to see if it was aggressive and it came straight at him.


“We decided not to swim with the kids there.”

Many were surprised at how hard it was to see the beast, despite the water being crystal clear.

The tiger shark was prowling close to the shore


The tiger shark was prowling close to the shoreCredit: Instagram/@gettinglostisbeingfound

One follower said: “Despite the clear water, it was hard to see until it hit the very shallow water.”

Another added: “Lol. I was prepared to laugh at people being overly paranoid but then it popped up. Ok fair.”

Tiger sharks can grow up to 25 feet long and weigh up to 1,400 pounds and are said to be responsible for more attacks on humans than any species apart from great whites.

In March, a tourist was killed by an 8ft tiger shark in a Caribbean island’s first ever fatal attack.

In January, video showed swimmers running for their lives out if the water as a tiger shark approached a beach in Perth, Western Australia.

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At least six people have died in more than 40 shark attacks worldwide so far in 2022.

In July, two lifeguards and a swimmer were mauled in separate attacks at popular beaches on New York’s Fire Island.