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DRIVERS have been blown away to learn about a clever seatbelt feature that will make life so much easier.

The footage was uploaded to popular social media site TikTok by a user named carfavourites and has racked up 3.7million views.

Drivers were blown away to learn about a seatbelt hack


Drivers were blown away to learn about a seatbelt hackCredit: TikTok/@carfavourites
The TikTok shows how you can adjust the seatbelt holder's height to make life much easier


The TikTok shows how you can adjust the seatbelt holder’s height to make life much easierCredit: TikTok/@carfavourites

And the video shows a handy hack that most motorists may not even know exists.

The TikTok shows how you can adjust your seatbelt holder’s height and angle.

For those who are either too tall or too short, this will certainly make your life much easier for a comfortable ride.

This is incredibly helpful when the belt goes over your shoulder to stop the safety belt scraping on your neck or ear.


While a seemingly simple function, some viewers in the comment section were clearly impressed with many not realising it was possible.


One user commented: “Omg I’m going to check when I finish work my belt always scrapes my neck.”

A shocked second wrote: “I had to check and he is right. Damn… I have been driving for 10 years!”

“I’ve been choking for over 30 yrs…. Because i’m short!” quipped a third.

However, others were more sceptical of the hack with some believing it was already well-known.

One TikToker was left unimpressed claiming “it’s not a hack of its just doing what it was designed to do”.

And another questioned whether this function was available in older models.

They wrote: “This is new car I don’t think it’s in old car.”

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