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ANYONE who’s lived in a flat knows the annoyance of someone in your building blasting loud music while you’re trying to get stuff done.

Now one Reddit user has shared the frustrated note they sent to their neighbour, who was blasting music for hours, and apparently didn’t hear anyone knocking to complain.

After complaining about the noise the Reddit user says they neighbour actually turned the volume up


After complaining about the noise the Reddit user says they neighbour actually turned the volume upCredit: Getty

The anonymous user, who goes by the username @extra_brisket one the website, posted about their frustration on the subreddit r/mildlyinfuriating.

They wrote: “Apartment neighbour blasting music with full bass for hours, making myself and my pet uncomfortable. 

“After knocking on their half open door 8-10 times, they couldn’t hear me (that’s how loud it is). 

“After I slid this note under their door, they turned it up. What should I do?”

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They also shared a picture of the note they sent, which reads: 

“Hi, I don’t mind music, but please tone down the bass. The vibration scares my pet and I need to work.


“I tried to knock on your door several times but you couldn’t hear me, so leaving this note. Thank you!”


The comments quickly filled with people suggesting they file a noise complaint, with one writing: “You were polite and nice by choosing to write a note and trying to reason with them, since that didn’t work, call your local non-emergency number and put in a noise complaint.

“If your apartment is anything like mine they may have a fee in the lease for noise complaints from the police, a $150 fine might discourage the behaviour in future if they do.”

“Call the landlord? Call the cops and write a noise complaint. Keep calling every day”, added another.

Other users suggested some ways to get back at the annoying neighbour, one commenter wrote: 

“Use your phone to identify what song is playing, and play that same song really loud but offset by about half a second.

“This will mess up their ability to enjoy the music more than anything else you might do.”

“Slip a stink bomb under their door”, suggested a second.

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While a third added: “I did the same thing other people did with a neighbour who turned the sound system all the way up at night. 

“That morning I woke up at 5am and put on Barney (purple dinosaur) music on a loop as I walked out the door to go to work. Never happened again.”