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GONE are the days when a job with flexible working hours meant a reduced salary.

Since the pandemic more companies are willing to offer roles that can be adapted to suit life outside of work.

Flexible worker can still earn stacks of cash


Flexible worker can still earn stacks of cash

And better choice makes it easier for workers to haggle a top salary without losing out on these perks.

Some of the best paying flexible jobs offer salaries that top £70,000 a year, job site Adzuna found.  

Co-founder Andrew Hunter said: “Flexible working arrangement comes in many different forms nowadays, from flexible start and finish times, part-time work, compressed hours, working from home, to job sharing.

“Employees, regardless of their job sector and seniority, have a much greater say over when, where and how they work.”

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Java developers, vet surgeons and data scientists were found to be the most lucrative flexible jobs.

These roles will require specialist training and usually need a degree.

However, there are many jobs with adaptable hours that don’t call for a university education.

Travel agents, customer support assistants and HR managers are among the highest earning flexible careers that are open to people without specialist training.

Electricians can also work flexibly and usually start learning on the job.

These tradespeople can earn nearly as much at £40,507 a year with some posts on Adzuna previously offering up to £250 a day.

Flexible working is not only great for parents, as well as people who have side-hustles, passions or hobbies that can take up time during a traditional working day.

It comes as the new flexible working bill is currently going through the House of Lords, meaning any employee will soon be able to request flexible working.

The changes should mean that flexible working becomes more commonplace meaning employees can earn even better salaries.

Part-time jobs also offer a good deal of flexibility if you want to cut back on hours – and in some cases you can earn as much a full-time role.

We have also looked at the best paying jobs that don’t require a qualification.

But if you’re looking to change roles, it’s worth brushing up your CV.

A recruitment expert has revealed  top tips for writing yours.

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Plus, 20 side hustles – from being paid to watch movies to recycling old till receipts – that could make you hundreds of pounds a year.

You need to tell HMRC about your earnings if you become self-employed.

But you can make up to £1,000 a year from selling items online or odd jobs like dog-sitting, without having to declare or pay tax on your earnings.

Anything above this and you’ll need to fill out a self-assessment tax return.

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