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AMTICO flooring is a popular option when decorating your home.

It is known for being easy to install and water resistant, but how do you clean it?

Amtico flooring is easy to clean


Amtico flooring is easy to cleanCredit: Google

How to clean amtico floors

The fact that amtico floors are easy to clean may persuade you to make the new addition to your home.

It is important to keep on top of cleaning your floors to ensure they last and don’t get damaged.

Here are some cleaning tips to keep your amtico floors in tip top condition.

Vacuum and dust

To start cleaning your floor you should vacuum or dust the area to make sure any grit is removed.

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But if you choose to use a vacuum use one that has a hard floors setting as models with rolling brushes can damage to flooring if used over time.

Cleaning hacks and tips

Here are some tips to help you clean your home like a pro:

Regularly mop up

It is recommended to regularly mop your amtico floor with a standard string mop to get rid of any surface dust.

This will remove any marks that don’t disappear with a light sweep.

Any spillages should also be wiped up immediately.

Cleaning solution

You can use bleach to clean your amtico vinyl floor, but make sure it’s properly diluted one part bleach to ten parts water.

It is also recommended to use amtico floor cleaner to mop once a week.

Deep clean

Once a year, or as and when required, it is recommend that you have a deeper clean.

Amtico Floorcare Stripper can remove any ingrained dirt.

You apply the solution and leave it for ten minutes before thoroughly rinsing twice.

How to protect amtico floors from damage

As well as regularly cleaning your floors, it is important to protect it from damage as well.

To do this you could get entrance mats and not wear shoes in the house.

Also wipe up any spillages immediately do it can’t go into the the amtico flooring.

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It is also a good tip to vacuum your floors each week and dry mop them monthly or every two months.

To prevent the floor getting scratched you can make sure the furniture in your home has floor pads, especially if it’s lightweight furniture that can be bumped around more easily.

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