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HUNDREDS of murders and rapes are being committed by offenders on community or suspended sentences, damning data has revealed.

More than 1,500 serious crimes since 2010 were carried out by convicts who recently dodged jail.

Hundreds of murders and rapes are being committed by offenders on suspended sentences


Hundreds of murders and rapes are being committed by offenders on suspended sentencesCredit: Getty

Critics blamed a crippling lack of probation officers to monitor offenders handed non-prison punishments like scrubbing off graffiti or picking litter.

Labour’s analysis reckons there is a shortfall of 1,771 probation officers to meet current demand and shouldering the existing crop with “unmanageable workloads”.

Government stats show that in the last 13 years of Tory rule there have been 1,519 serious offences committed by those under community supervision – including 197 murders.

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Shadow Justice Secretary Steve Reed said: “The Conservatives aren’t stopping crime, they’re breeding it.

“Labour will get a grip of the failing probation service and establish Community Payback Boards to ensure that community sentences are carried out properly and effectively, to reduce reoffending.

“That’s how we prevent crime, punish criminals, and protect communities.”

The party says it would establish “Victim Payback Boards” where victims and community leaders hold criminals to account.

A Conservative spokesperson said: “Thanks to the actions of this Conservative Government, crime is down, reoffending is down and dangerous criminals are spending longer behind bars.

“The Labour Party have opposed our measures to protect the public at every opportunity. They cannot be trusted with our criminal justice system.”

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