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A TRIO of fashionistas has compared a Skims with an almost identical Good American swimsuit.

They differentiated between the two in unique ways with Khloe’s swimming garment veering on the more “sexy side” while Kim’s style was more “cinched and cheeky.”

Three women compared Skims swim with a nearly identical Good American piece


Three women compared Skims swim with a nearly identical Good American pieceCredit: YouTube/Clevver Style
They shared their individual thoughts as a collective group about the two items


They shared their individual thoughts as a collective group about the two itemsCredit: YouTube/Clevver Style

A group of fashion lovers from Clevver Style came together to compare select Skims and Good American bathing suits from a recent shopping haul.

In a YouTube video, they each shared their individual thoughts as a collective squad about how the two items were similar yet different.

“We ordered swimwear from Skims & Good American! Are they making the exact same swimsuits?!,” the caption read.

At first glance, they both look nearly identical, but differences in price and fit were among the few things that set them apart.

They began the video by sharing that Skims has two new colors for the season, Turquoise and Neon Green.

In addition, Good American has three new colors for the season, Atomic Blue and Electric Lime which look almost exactly alike, and their third is Knockout Pink.

The three women all had different body shapes, so they confidently displayed how the swim outfits looked on women of different skin colors and sizes.

The first look they showed viewers was the Good American Long Sleeve Swimsuit, $109, in Atomic Blue.

“I think this swimsuit is stunning. I think it’s a really nice conservative version of a swimsuit, if you want to be a little bit more covered up, or just have a bit of a style to your basic swimsuit,” one woman said.

Many swimsuits nowadays are cheeky and show off boob and butt, so this was a good alternative for people who prefer to not show as much.

“It’s also really sexy without showing all the sexy parts of you,” she added.

The zip-up featured provided the opportunity for ample full coverage that went well with the full coverage bottom.

“The style of this bathing suit is dope. The color is gorgeous,” the woman standing at the end chimed in. “It screams Summer vacation, like tropical vibes.”

The Skims Zip Front Sleeveless Swimsuit, $94, had a different reaction.

Once the gal pals showed off how they looked in the Skims suit, it was obvious that this one was cheekier with a higher cut on the hip. and

The woman on the far right was torn over which Kardashian-brand swimsuit she liked best.

Besides being sleeveless, there was a deeper plunge effect and was more accentuating than the other at the waist, which is what the trio agreed they desired in the first option.

“So snatched and cinched. It’s giving corset,” the woman in the middle said.

“That is the Skims effect. That is the material,” the woman to her left chimed in.

It was apparent with the way she spoke so highly of the “unbelievably flattering” fit and the way it “sits on your body” that she was a fan.

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In the end, they all decided that both garments were different in their own right with their unique details.

The Skims piece left them feeling more exposed but it was an overall preferred fit to the Good American.

Khloe's Good American swimsuit was 'sexy' but still conservative


Khloe’s Good American swimsuit was ‘sexy’ but still conservativeCredit: YouTube/Clevver Style
Kim Kardashian's Skims set was deemed 'cinched and cheeky'


Kim Kardashian’s Skims set was deemed ‘cinched and cheeky’Credit: YouTube/Clevver Style

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