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A WOMAN has revealed the unusual name she heard a grandmother calling her grandchild.

What is even more shocking is the reason why the older woman calls her by that name in the first place.

TikTok user King Crissy revealed the name she heard a grandma call her granddaughter


TikTok user King Crissy revealed the name she heard a grandma call her granddaughterCredit: TIKTOK/@onlyfemaleking

TikTok user King Crissy (@onlyfemaleking) is a content creator based in Orlando, Florida.

She always likes to keep it real and show off random moments in her life.

In a viral TikTok video, she couldn’t help but share the name she heard a grandmother call her grandchild while she was out and about.

She could not keep a straight face as she explained the humourous reasoning behind the baby’s name.

The video is a response to another TikTok user, Dr. Carlton, who asked viewers, “Tell me the most unfortunate name you’ve ever come across.”

King wasted no time and immediately delved into an explanation of the scenario.

“So, one day I’m in the grocery store with my mom, and this elder lady was there with this little girl. She’s around two. She’s so beautiful,” she said.

The content creator added that while the little girl ran around the store, she touched miscellaneous items.

“The grandmother is like, ‘Diploma, stop! Stop playing Diploma’,” she explained.

King and her mother were shocked by the name and felt the need to ask the grandmother why she was called that.

“So, I said, ‘Why did you name her diploma?’ and she said, ‘I sent her mom to high school to get a diploma and this is what she came out with’,” she said.

Viewers could not help but share their reaction to the child’s moniker in the comment section of the video.

“I know a baby girl called Degree and her grandma said the same thing,” a TikTok user shared.

“I met a security guy in NY his name: ‘Hesalive.’ He’s alive. He survived birth into this world,” another chimed in.

“Lord I can’t take this one,” a fan commented.

The reason behind the name was the most shocking part


The reason behind the name was the most shocking partCredit: TIKTOK/@onlyfemaleking

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