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A BEAUTY fan was mortified after making a grave error when doing her fake tan – but sadly, she realised it far too late.

Emily Nevill (@emilynevill), 25, from Houston, Texas, took to TikTok to share the horrific beauty blunder which saw her walking around like a hot mess for a whole day.

The 25-year-old shared the fail on TikTok, leaving people in hysterics


The 25-year-old shared the fail on TikTok, leaving people in hystericsCredit: TikTok/@emilynevill
Emily had spent the full day out rocking the half-tan look


Emily had spent the full day out rocking the half-tan lookCredit: TikTok/@emilynevill
The hilarious beauty blunder has gone viral on social media, racking up 1.2million views


The hilarious beauty blunder has gone viral on social media, racking up 1.2million viewsCredit: TikTok/@emilynevill

According to the blonde stunner, she had applied self-tanner one evening in the hopes of waking up a bronzed goddess the following morning.

Without paying much attention to her body the next day, Emily got ready and headed out rocking a pair of shorts, as well as khaki denim jacket.

However, it wasn’t until later when the 25-year-old came to discover she hadn’t applied the tanning product properly.

”Didn’t realise until after I got home for the day and filmed my OOTD [Outfit of the Day] that apparently I only tanned one leg last night,” Emily was horrified in the video.

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Since being shared on the popular platform, the clip has taken the internet by storm, racking up a whopping 1.2million views in just three days.

Although numerous people found the fail hilarious, others reckoned it was a great advertisement for the tanning brand.

One suggested: ”Get this girl a brand deal with the self tan company and call this a before and after.”

Another shared their horror story, writing: ”Once I tanned everything except for one shin… how I managed that I’ll never know, but it was so wild lol.”

”You only tanned one leg, I only shaved one leg.” someone else added.

”Wear some of those half’s & half shorts and make it a statement,” read a second suggestion.

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Unfortunately, Alexandria Melton, from the USA, also knows a thing or two about fake tan fails.

”So I fake tanned last night and I woke up with this this morning,” the beauty lover said whilst demonstrating extremely dark fingers and the infamous fake tan palm.

She then told the audience that after slight confusion she headed to the bathroom to get ready – which is when she looked in the mirror and was aghast at the reflection.

”I have a f*****g handprint on my face,” Alexandria cried out in horror whilst inserting a clip that revealed the massive beauty blunder.

It appeared that she had fallen asleep with a hand underneath the left side of her face, leaving Alexandria with a clearly visible mark of fingers.

”This tops all of my other fake tan disaster stories,” the mortified woman captioned the short video.

With some viewers in shock, many revealed their tanning fails, like this person: ”It happened with me when I got a spray tan, I had a handprint on my leg 😭 went back and she sprayed over it for free lol.”

”I literally did this to my leg last night!” another wrote.

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One user shared a remedy: ”Okay girl bondi sands makes a tan remover you can get it at Walgreens , also recommend their tanner use it with mitt during daytime rinse sleep.”

”Oh no lol! I always use my blow dryer to make sure it’s totally dry before I go to bed :)” read another suggestion, whilst a second TikTok user claimed that ”shaving cream will remove the tan from your hands”.

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