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A TIKTOKER recounted the time a friend of hers would “hard launch” guys on the first date, earning a lot of debate in the comments section.

When it comes to a relationship, the term hard launch is used when one or both members of a couple explicitly announce they are together via social media or other platforms.

A TikToker revealed that her friend 'hard launches' her first dates on her Instagram


A TikToker revealed that her friend ‘hard launches’ her first dates on her InstagramCredit: Getty

By sharing a photo of the two of them kissing or writing a caption referring to one or the other as “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” the pairing is being hard launched as a couple.

The term is often associated with celebrities officially announcing their relationships, such as Kim Kardashian posting an image of Pete Davidson to her Instagram profile and speaking about him on Ellen.

Julia Colloca shared that her friend does this each time she goes on a first date.

“I once had a friend that would literally hard launch first dates with guys,” Julia wrote.

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“Like she’d meet the guy and the date would full on have its own insta spot of him tagged and all.”

Julia captioned the video: “Like girly…this man looks umcomfortable [sic].”

The video received hundreds of comments from people who either agreed with Julia’s friend or were shocked at her actions.


“Love this for her,” wrote one person. “Men should fight for the honor to be featured I think.”


“You know what, good for her. I like it,” wrote another.

However, others thought it was a little strange.

“I knew a girl who did that, and I always wondered how terrified the dates would be afterwards,” wrote a commenter.

“No, because one time I went on a first date with a guy and he asked to take a pic with me and fully posted it on his IG and so I obviously had to block him,” wrote another.

The opposite of a hard launch is a soft launch, or slowly revealing via social media that you may be dating someone new.

The soft launch usually comes first.

Examples of a soft launch can include posting an image of a partner without revealing their face or name, showing flowers delivered to you without revealing by who or even posting about a date night without giving away details.

In modern dating times, people often soft launch a partner via Stories before sharing pictures to their feed – something that can make things appear more serious.

The term 'hard launch' is used when one or both members of a couple explicitly announce they are together on social media


The term ‘hard launch’ is used when one or both members of a couple explicitly announce they are together on social mediaCredit: Getty