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A MARTIN Lewis fan has revealed how they found £121,000 in lost pension cash thanks to a clever tip.

Rob revealed how he found the missing thousands watching an episode of the Martin Lewis Money Show about lost pensions.

A Martin Lewis tip helped a fan discover £121,000 in missing pension cash


A Martin Lewis tip helped a fan discover £121,000 in missing pension cashCredit: Rex

In a special one-off episode of the ITV show, Martin delved into all things retirement and pensions savings.

During the show, Martin reminded people to use the pensions tracing service to track down lost pension pots from previous jobs.

Rob called up the free government tracing service that Martin had mentioned which led him to the missing cash, MSE said in its latest newsletter.

Rob was “gobsmacked” to find he had paid in £24,500 in his pot and it’s now worth £97,000.

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But, he didn’t stop there – Rob then went back and found another pension he had taken up with another job in which he had contributed around £600.

He found that that pension was now worth £24,000 – making the grand total of the pensions he traced to a whopping £121,000.

Millions of people are now enrolled in a pension automatically through their work.

Each time you start a new job you start a new pension, which can leave many Brits with several pots of cash that they can easily forget about.

Even before auto-enrolment, like Rob, if you were paying into a pension and moved jobs it could easily be forgotten.

Small amounts of just a couple of hundred pounds can still add up over time.

That’s because the money is invested and grows over time.

The Association of British Insurers estimates that there are around 1.6million missing pension pots, with an average size of £13,000.

In total, it says there is some £19.4billion sitting in accounts people have lost track of or misplaced.

Tracking down a pension needn’t be too difficult either.

How to track down your lost pension pot

First gather all the pensions documents you have – this could be paperwork or online documents or emails.

When you are first signed up to a pension you should get sent information about it.

Pension providers send annual statements usually by post, and that’s why it’s worth keeping your address up to date.

If you see any pension providers you don’t recognise, you can get in touch with them directly

Ask if they have more information about your pension and its value and they should be able to help.

If you don’t know who you have a pension with, it’s worth contacting old employers instead.

If they’re still in business, contact them to see if they can help you find out which pension provider administered your workplace scheme.

If you can’t get in touch with your old workplace, or your hunting for a private pension then it’s worth using the government’s free Pension Tracing Service.

This lets you search a database of hundreds of thousands of pension scheme contact details to find your provider.

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You can search online by entering the name of your employer or old pension provider.

The service will tell you who managed your old company’s scheme and you will then need to contact them.

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