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A WOMAN revamped her bedroom exclusively with Shein products to make it look like a show home.

Content creator Aniqa channelled her minimalist side to turn the bedroom into an aesthetic space.

Content creator Aniqa dressed up her bedroom with exclusively Shein products


Content creator Aniqa dressed up her bedroom with exclusively Shein productsCredit: TikTok/@littlebitofaniqa_
Her new vase, which cost £11.50, had everyone talking


Her new vase, which cost £11.50, had everyone talkingCredit: TikTok/@littlebitofaniqa_

She bought everything from a bedspread to a vase, spending £80 to overhaul the room.

The social media personality shared her pieces and their placement in a now-viral TikTok video with over 333,000 views. 

The first item was the Geometric Tufted Duvet Cover Set in beige which varies in price depending on the size.

For example, a single duvet cover set costs £27, but a kings size one is £43.50. 

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Each set comes with two pillow cases but some viewers were less keen on the set after they noticed it was made from 100% polyester rather than cotton. 

The second item was Shein’s large Glass Jewellery Tray which comes in a geometric gold and mirrored design. 

It costs £9 for a small tray or £14.75 for a big one, which Aniqa furnished with a vase and faux flowers. 

Like the sheets and tray, the vase and flowers were from Shein too. 

The Porcelain Flower Vase comes in a hollowed-out design and is beige and Aniqa described it as “heavy and sturdy”.

A small vase costs £6.25, while a medium is £11.50 and a large is £17.50. 

Aniqa filled her medium vase with artificial eucalyptus which set her back £4.50 for 24 pieces. 

Also on her bedroom chest of drawers was a Shein jewellery box. 

The clear frame with soft grey drawers has three layers and costs £9.50.

Aniqa finished her furnishing by putting her perfume bottles on the glass tray. 

Aniqa added cream sheets from Shein to her arsenal of aesthetic homeware


Aniqa added cream sheets from Shein to her arsenal of aesthetic homewareCredit: TikTok/@littlebitofaniqa_
Her new jewellery box costs £9.50


Her new jewellery box costs £9.50Credit: TikTok/@littlebitofaniqa_

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