Home » I gave my child a unique name – people say it sounds like an ‘evil mutant vegetable child’

A WOMAN wanted to give her child a cute and unique name but people say it backfired.

They think it sounds more like a name for an ‘evil mutant vegetable child.’

People said a child's name sounded like an 'evil mutant vegetable child'


People said a child’s name sounded like an ‘evil mutant vegetable child’Credit: Getty

An anonymous Redditor, u/IWillBaconSlapYou, stumbled across the name in a social media post and shared it on a forum.

“Comments on a Facebook ad for a bunny onesie,” they said, explaining the context of the post.

“I think Baisley would look adorable in this!!” said a parent on the post.

People recoiled at the child’s name — some started making jokes.

“Baisley = the evil mutant vegetable child of a bay leaf and some parsley,” said one commenter.

“Baizleigh,” replied another.

The name brought back memories for others — of their pets.

“Reminds me of my dog Basil, who I sometimes call Basie…” said a third.

Others thought the inspiration came from indecision.

“When you can’t choose between Bailey and Paisley and you combine the names together to get Baisle,” joked one commenter.

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