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MY Little Pony: great as a child’s toy, less great as inspiration for a child’s name.

But one real little girl’s given name is so unusual that Redditors are convinced it’s more fitting for a plastic horse — or even a drag queen — than a living human being.

A baby girl's unique name has stunned Reddit users, with several saying it's the worst they've ever seen


A baby girl’s unique name has stunned Reddit users, with several saying it’s the worst they’ve ever seenCredit: Reddit

The unidentified parents shared a photo from the hospital announcing the baby girl’s arrival.

The newborn is pictured in her crib, which the parents have gone to great lengths to decorate and personalize.

There are several pink pillows, wooden signs, a plush toy, and both a letter board and a custom blanket bearing the baby’s name.

And what a name it is.

“Welcome our baby girl, a tiny bit of heaven,” the letter board says.

Underneath is the name: Crystaleanor Dazzlequeen.


Lest anyone think the name must be a joke or a prank, commenters on Reddit say that baby has an entire Instagram page dedicated to her.


“Did they have a My Little Pony or a baby?” asked one commenter, while another wrote: “Future drag queen.”

“I’ve seen a lot of bad names on here,” wrote another. “But personally, THIS one takes the cake for me. How awful!!!”

“Now we are just pulling words out of a hat and seeing what garbage name can be created,” insisted another, while one more suggested naming a baby “Sprinklerachel Pamperjelly” or “Peroxidechristopher Bureaugiraffe.”

The original poster said the name “hurt to pronounce,” while another Redditor called Dazzlequeen “a whole new world of awful.”

“Dazzlequeen sounds like a name I’d have given one of my baby dolls,” added yet another.

“This is one of those names where I actually feel so bad for the child. I can’t even laugh, I just feel so bad,” a sympathetic commenter weighed in.

“I want to know what the parents’ deal is whenever I see an outrageous name like this,” wrote one more commenter. “I wonder if they are like legit narcissistic or have some kind of personality disorder.”

According to the sign and blanket, the baby is named Crystaleanor Dazzlequeen


According to the sign and blanket, the baby is named Crystaleanor DazzlequeenCredit: Reddit