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ONE TikToker has responded to internet trolls with an easy hack to go braless while still feeling comfortable around men.

The influencer posted a video trying to do a viral trend when one commenter felt the need to question whether she was wearing a bra.

This influencer responded to trolls with her unique shirt design


This influencer responded to trolls with her unique shirt designCredit: TIKTOK/@flyinglotusapparel
Sohary's brand is all about helping women go braless


Sohary’s brand is all about helping women go bralessCredit: TIKTOK/@flyinglotusapparel

She responded to the comment by promoting her clothing line, Flying Lotus Apparel (@flyinglotusapparel) which includes shirts with a barrier sewn in.

Sohary, the woman behind the brand, told her followers that her shirts were designed to go “braless” but still had enough coverage so customers could feel comfortable wearing them around men.

The thin barrier sewn inside the shirt helps to disguise the fact that you’re not wearing a bra underneath.

Sohary said the design was perfect for those who want to take a break from their bras but still want to be around family without feeling awkward.

She added the point of her original video was to just “have fun” and “go along with trends.”

TikTok users took to the comments to praise Sohary’s unique design.

One comment read: “Love this idea!”

Flying Lotus Apparel has generated over 12,000 likes and 648 followers.

Their motto is: “Braless&modest around anyone.”

The company’s TikTok account has over 400 videos demonstrating how to wear the shirts and all the different styles available.

Flying Lotus Apparel promotes a “braless lifestyle” and encourages customers to “love the freedom.”

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