Home » I love B&M and have figured out how to nab the bargains as soon as they’re reduced – I swiped THREE huge rugs for 10p

A WOMAN managed to bag three huge rugs from B&M for just 10p using her savvy shopping method.

The bargain hunter revealed exactly how she did it and urged other shoppers to try the trick for themselves.

The savvy shopper spent 30p on three huge rugs thanks to her trick


The savvy shopper spent 30p on three huge rugs thanks to her trickCredit: Alamy
She explained how she did it on Facebook, leaving users amazed


She explained how she did it on Facebook, leaving users amazedCredit: Facebook

Posting on the Facebook group B&M Bargains, Extreme Money Saving Deals and More, the woman explained how she got her hands on the the rugs for a total of 30p, when they should’ve cost her £59.97.

Using the B&M app, the woman scanned the barcode on the rugs but noticed she was getting an error message saying the “barcode wasn’t recognised.”

“This happens when it’s end of stock,” she noted – which is the key to securing to best deals.

After asking a member of staff to double check the price of the rugs, they confirmed they were in fact just 10p each.

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So if you want to you want to try and nab the best deals why not try the app trick yourself?

After downloading the app, simply click the ‘scan’ button on the bottom of the screen to check prices in store.

You’ll be able to see the most up to date prices, and if you get the same error message it might be worth checking with staff to see if an item has been reduced further.

Fellow Facebook users were amazed by the bargain buy and couldn’t believe they didn’t know about app hack.

Tagging a friend, one user commented: “All the times we scanned and thought it wasn’t working!!”

A second agreed: ” I wish I knew this lol.”

“Oooh need to have a look next time,” a third wrote.

“Wowww what a buy,” another raved.

And someone else fumed: “I never get these bargains and I’m always in the store.”

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