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Although the season doesn’t officially kick off until September 22, Homes and Gardens revealed when to pull out the pumpkins and prep those fall decorations.

These ornamental gourds, a cup of coffee, party lights, and burning candles create a warm ambiance, perfect for fall


These ornamental gourds, a cup of coffee, party lights, and burning candles create a warm ambiance, perfect for fallCredit: Getty
Writer Chiana Dickson said decor enthusiasts should pay attention to the weather cooling down.

This will help your decor feel cozy and homey and makes room for you to light a fire in the fireplace, giving off a perfect fall vibe.

She advised: the more the leaves are changing, the more fall decor you should be using to decorate your space.

Other options could be decorating on October 1, to kick off the Halloween season, or waiting until after Halloween to focus solely on decorating for Fall, without worrying about the spooky decor.

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If you are looking for non-Halloween-themed items that can be used for fall decor, Dickson recommends you try autumn candles, throw blankets, and red, orange, or yellow cushions.

Fall motifs such as pumpkins, squashes, and leaves are also great options for decor.

Other ideas are making a homemade leaf wreath or a dried flower arrangement, bringing warm colors, or natural brown tones into the home. 

Target or Dollar Tree tend to have great deals for fall items.


It’s true that some people can be conscious of ending the summer season too early.


Dickson said the considerate thing to do may be to wait for your neighbors to decorate for fall, so as not to tamper with anyone’s summer fun.

She also recommended doing things in stages, like removing your summer decor.

The next, you can start adding to your space with softer furnishings, velvet and wool textures, or even just switch out your tablecloth for the new season. 

Then, as the season progresses, you can keep adding more and more fall decor.

As the U.S. Sun has previously reported, TikTok user and interior design expert Kate Fuller shared the common fall décor that is making your home look tacky.

Kate revealed that autumn-themed word art is cheapening the appearance of your home.

“Stop with the signs. We don’t need a fall sign, we don’t need a thankful sign, we don’t need a grateful sign. We don’t need all the ‘-fuls.’ We’re good,” she said.

She continued: “This goes for all the verbiage too. Verbiage on pillows, verbiage on posters, cups, mugs, anything that you’re using as decoration. I don’t want to read.”

“It just looks so cheap, every single time. You can decorate for fall without having to tell people that you’re thankful for it,” Kate told her viewers.