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OLEKSANDR ZINCHENKO has revealed he proposed to his wife Vlada Zinchenko in his boxers at 4am.

The Arsenal fullback described the proposal as shameful and labelled it as the worst way to propose.

Vlada Zinchenko has interviewed Oleksandr Zinchenko post-game as part of her job


Vlada Zinchenko has interviewed Oleksandr Zinchenko post-game as part of her job

The 26-year-old spoke to FootballersLives about the proposal, admitting he was ashamed of the way he did it.

He said: “The way I proposed is the worse proposal ever, ever – it’s impossible, it’s so shameful.”

He and Vlada are now married after she said yes, despite the embarrassing circumstances.

She works as a broadcast journalist and has interviewed the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo as well as occasionally reporting on Zinchenko’s games.

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The former Manchester City man went on to explain how the proposal occurred.

He said: “Honestly I am going to regret all my life my proposal – the worse thing ever – it’s incredible.

“What happened (was) we had a game against Portugal at home, qualification for the Euros. I was going to propose. I knew Vlada was going to work on that game.

“I will ask her boss to call me for the interview and I wanted to do it in the interview. This idea is perfect – we won the game 2-1. My ring was in my bag and I wanted to do it.


“But I knew from growing up that before you propose to your wife you have to ask permission of her parents. Not on the phone, but face to face.

“It was so difficult to find some time. I was going to ask the manager if I could go on some personal issues and be back in five hours. I couldn’t do it, didn’t want to do it beforehand, before I had asked permission.

“Instead of this, I did it that night around 4am, or 3am in her apartment, being in just boxers, almost naked.”

The Ukrainian captain was asked why Vlada had said yes despite the below expectations proposal.

He joked around saying: “First of all because I am the Ukrainian Brad Pitt and I’m in my boxers – amazing body as well.”

The pair have been married since 2020 and Zinchenko made sure that he made up for his initial mistake by repeating a public proposal in front of the 70,000 seat Olympic stadium in Kyiv.

They now have a daughter who was born in 2021 and things are going well on the pitch for the full-back too.

Arsenal are currently top of the Premier League, eight points clear of old club Man City.

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