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ZARA – the land of dreams where fashion lovers can find trendy garments without having to spend a fortune.

But as much as we love the Spanish retailer, what is it like for those working there? Well, according to one former employee, it’s not as dreamy…

The former employee took to TikTok to share her experience working as a sales assistant at Zara


The former employee took to TikTok to share her experience working as a sales assistant at ZaraCredit: TikTok/@lowrijt
Lowri described customers as ''animals'' and claimed finding urine on the floor was not unusual


Lowri described customers as ”animals” and claimed finding urine on the floor was not unusualCredit: TikTok/@lowrijt

The social media user and avid car fan Lowri (@lowrijt) took to TikTok to share her experience of being a sales assistant – and it’s safe to say, she did not enjoy it.

In her video, which has since been viewed over 362,000 times, the blonde described customers as ”animals”.

She claimed that they would often leave everything in a mess and the changing rooms were the worst.

Not only would there be piles upon piles of garments left hanging, Lowri would also discover numerous security tags on the floor.

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In one instance, the ex-employee also came to discover a bra left in the changing rooms -one she grabbed and immediately binned.

This, she added, wasn’t even the most shocking aspect of it all – ”people peeing on the floors and used pads was a regular site [sight]”.

On some days, the work was getting too much and Lowri would send snaps to her mates, saying she wanted to end it all.

”Kill me off.”

And it appears that the former sales assistant would also struggle to save up any money, as all her wages went to buying new clothes.

Rating the experience as 0/10, Lowri advised those looking for a job to steer clear of Zara, as it’s left her with PTSD.

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Fellow former staff members flocked to comments, with many saying they felt the exact same about their time at Zara.


One wrote: ”my 2017 era. had it’s fun parts too I think.”

Someone else described it as ”the worst job ever apart from the discount”.

”Same girl hahahaha 6 hour shifts in those fitting rooms use to KILL me off,” a third penned.

”At H&M we picked up dirty used diapers from moms changing babies in the change rooms,” another viewer revealed.

Speaking of Zara, did you know there is a correct way of saying it?

With two vowels, it seems pretty straight-forward – it’s ”Zah-rah”, right?

Well, if you’re anything like us – and probably everyone else reading – turns out, you’re wrong.

The fast fashion retailer – which was founded in the 1970s and has since soared in popularity, with everyone from influencers to celebrities sporting its trendy garments – is based in Arteixo, Spain.

Whilst to some this fact may seem irrelevant, it actually bears quite an impact into how its pronounced, with locals reportedly saying it different to how style lovers across the world have been doing it so far.

According to them, Zara is meant to be pronounced more like ‘tsah-dah’, with the ‘Z’ coming out as a soft ‘ts’ sound, and the ‘R’ bearing resemblance to a light Ds.

The discovery, Tyla reported, was brought to everyone’s attention by TikToker @itstheerica, who joked in the caption of her video: “Debating I’d I go with being pretentious and saying it correctly or continue on knowing I’m saying it wrong.”

It’s not just the fashion fans who was shocked to learn she’d been pronouncing Zara all wrong – social media users were just as stunned.

One wrote:  “I’d love to go back to living in ignorance.”

Another commented: “Say what now.”

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A third baffled user chimed in: “it shook me.”

But somehow we’re not sure “dzah-dah” is going to catch on in the UK…