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There’s a reason why the word risqué is French — to them, fashion is all about risk.

A woman proved that by wearing underwear as outerwear and people adored the French-inspired creativity.

Summer Jade, a fashion influencer, styled a Parisian-inspired outfit for Valentine's Day


Summer Jade, a fashion influencer, styled a Parisian-inspired outfit for Valentine’s DayCredit: TikTok/summerjadestyle

Summer Jade, a fashion and style influencer, shared her outfit in a video with over 40,000 TikTok followers.

For Valentine’s Day, the influencer decided to spice things up a bit by wearing a bustier corset as a top.

She layered a white bra underneath for coverage and got to work.

After trying on a pair of jeans, she opted for a cream skirt instead.

Eyeing a grey blazer for her next layer, she took viewers through her style thought process: “I feel like the colors would go with the skirt so I’m going to try this on.”

To dress up the look, she offered two options: a pair of fluffy heels or some nude boots: “I’m thinking boots,” she said.

For accessories, she threw on a pink shoulder bag that she felt tied the look together with the pink corset: “This is kind of working.”

Last but not least, she added a final touch: “It felt like it was missing something, we’re gonna beret it up.”

With a beige beret as the last step, she was finally satisfied: “Now that is just royal together, this is Parisian goodness.”

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the look: “So good,” said one commenter.

“Definitely working!” said another.

“Wait that’s so cute,” said a third.

She called the underwear as outerwear focused look 'Parisian goodness'


She called the underwear as outerwear focused look ‘Parisian goodness’Credit: TikTok/summerjadestyle

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