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IBIZA Weekender star Ellie Young was rushed to hospital last night after she was ‘attacked’ while judging a talent show.

The 29-year-old has been left with a busted lip and clumps missing from her hair following the incident in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

Ellie Young claims she was attacked last night


Ellie Young claims she was attacked last night
The star's hair has been pulled out


The star’s hair has been pulled out

Ellie, who is famed for appearing on Big Brother, claimed a woman launched at her ‘for no reason’ – leaving her shocked and shaken.

She revealed her ordeal today in a series of videos, telling fans: “Excuse my face, I have been crying a lot this morning.”

She explained: “What a night, I ended up in hospital because some girl decided to rugby tackle me and start hitting me.

“The thing is, I know when I have had a drink I can be a d**k, but I have had people messaging me being like ‘are you ok? This girl started on you for no reason’. I know exactly who the person is as well.

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“Apparently we were laughing with this person in the bar. My head is gone.”

Ellie later admitted she was in pain, adding: “I was just brushing my hair and my head is really hurting, she’s pulled some of my hair out.”

The Yorkshire lass first appeared on our screens for the fifth season of the popular Ibiza Weekender and won over the hearts of the nation with her bubbly personality.

After leaving the show, in 2017 Ellie reportedly turned down a place on Love Island, which started on the exactly the same day Celebrity Big Brother.

Ellie had initially been signed up to enter the house as a pair with fellow Ibiza Weekender star Hayley Fanshaw.

Ellie got engaged in 2021 when boyfriend Matt Chow proposed on Valentine’s Day.

Ellie was judging a talent show when it happened


Ellie was judging a talent show when it happened

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