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A WOMAN had revealed her height and weight to her followers and given them a word of style advice.

The size 12 woman took to social media to share the best way to dress for days you don’t feel comfortable baring your stomach.

A woman has shared the outfits she recommends for days you're not comfortable showing your tummy


A woman has shared the outfits she recommends for days you’re not comfortable showing your tummyCredit: TikTok/ericasuckow
She also revealed her height and weight to social media users


She also revealed her height and weight to social media usersCredit: TikTok/ericasuckow

The midsize woman shared that she is 5’7″ and 185 pounds.

She then dove into her tips for how to dress comfortably when you’re not okay with showing your tummy.

“I want to show you how we can put an outfit together if you’re uncomfortable showing your belly or tucking something in,” fashion fan Erica (@ericasuckow) began in a TikTok video.

“But also, can we talk about how an 18-sized too-big shirt from Goodwill just hits sometimes?” she said praising the oversized black t-shirt she was currently wearing.

She cut to a clip of herself wearing a fuschia longline bra, black leggings, and a cropped mocha sweatshirt.

She said she likes to tuck her sweatshirt a little under her bra to show the tiniest bit of belly between her leggings and sweater.

If you’re not comfortable with the look as it is, Erica had some options lined up to ease you into it.

“If you’re not comfortable rocking this, I want you to find a long vest, I want you to find a shacket or a coat. Put it over top.

“So you’re going to feel a lot better about tucking and showing a bit more belly then you typically would here.”

She tried on a long black vest to show its potential and said: “This one is giving soccer mom, [it’s] warm.”

Next she threw on a cream colored shacket, and finally a jean jacket.

“Tried and true oversized denim jacket.

“If you don’t have one of these in your closet, you need one because you’re going to wear it literally all the time.

“This is how I like to wear things a little more snug or cropped when I’m not really feeling like super comfy,” she concluded.

She tried on a cream colored shacket


She tried on a cream colored shacketCredit: TikTok/ericasuckow

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