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A FEMALE firefighter may weigh 125 pounds but she says she’s not weak.

She lifted a 245-pound man to prove it.

Ronie, a female firefighter, says she may weigh 125 pounds but she's perfectly qualified for her job


Ronie, a female firefighter, says she may weigh 125 pounds but she’s perfectly qualified for her jobCredit: TikTok/roniesuestephens

Ronie (@roniesuestephens), a mom of three, showed how committed she is to her job in a video shared with over 29,000 TikTok followers.

The firefighter lifted and hoisted a man on her back, walking down the length of a room with him without breaking a sweat.

“I’m 5’4 125lbs. This guy is 6’5 and 245 lbs,” she said.

“I train every day because no one gets to choose the firefighter that responds to come save them,” she explained.

“I may be the smallest on the fire ground but I definitely know I’m not the weakest.”

People took to the comments to share their thoughts — many were inspired by her video.

“My little girl said ‘l want to be a firefighter like her,'” shared one mother.

“That seriously just made my day!” responded Ronie.

“From one woman firefighter to another.. YOU are amazing!! LOVE to see it,” said another.

“The guys pausing their set to clap is awesome, totally rocking that carry too!” said a third.

“This sturdy old farmgirl (and former EMT) is super proud of you girl!” said a fourth.

She lifted a 245-pound man to prove it


She lifted a 245-pound man to prove itCredit: TikTok/roniesuestephens

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