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WOMEN spend thousands of pounds on their hair every year – from trips to the hairdressers, to products and styling tools.

But when it comes to hair straighteners, does a hefty price tag really reflect how the quality and how well they work?

BEAUTY Guru Ling.kt put the £5 mini straighteners from Primark to the test


BEAUTY Guru Ling.kt put the £5 mini straighteners from Primark to the testCredit: TikTok/@ling.kt
The beauty guru was impressed with the results


The beauty guru was impressed with the resultsCredit: TikTok/@ling.kt

Well, one beauty fan decided to put the £5 viral Primark mini straighteners to the test – and was very surprised by the results.

Beauty guru Ling.kt, known also as Ling.kt on TikTok, shared a video demonstrating how she styled her hair using the mini styling tool.

In the clip, she begins by saying: “Make sure to use lots of heat protect spray.”

Unpackaging the product, she then enthuses: “Look how this £5 straightener comes with a pouch!

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Look how tiny they are – oh my god, it’s so cute!”

The beauty fan adds: “Mini hair straighteners are making me so happy. Oh my god it’s so cute!”


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In a second clip, she then glides the straighteners over her long dark locks.

She then lets six large rollers, which she bought for £2 from Primark, set in her hair before taking them out.

“I’ve only done one part of my hair and I have very high hopes,” she says. “It’s so weird straightening my long hair with these mini straighteners!”

At the end, she shares the finished results – and is clearly very impressed.

“The ends aren’t perfect, but these curtain bangs – yes!” she enthuses.

The post has since racked up an impressive 80,000 views and been inundated with comments from social media users.

“I need the straightener,” noted one.

A second penned: “Your Primark videos always make me miss Primark so much!! West coast US has none.”

A third commented: “Yesss been waiting for this!!”

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Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “I NEED THE MINI STRAIGHTENER.”

A further added: “Aw I want the mini straightener – looks so cute!”