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A GARDENER on a budget shared her Dollar Tree hacks for getting stuff done for the low.

Her eleven tips included a hidden use for a microwave plate cover.

Carissa, a gardener, shared her tips and tricks for cheap supplies at Dollar Tree


Carissa, a gardener, shared her tips and tricks for cheap supplies at Dollar TreeCredit: TIKTOK/@creativegreenliving
She showed off her favorite dollar finds


She showed off her favorite dollar findsCredit: TIKTOK/@creativegreenliving

Carissa (@creativegreenliving) shared her ingenious tips and tricks with over 50,000 TikTok followers.

“Dollar Tree finds for your garden you don’t want to miss!” she said.

On a trip to the establishment, she stumbled across a must-have: “These Jobe’s fertilizer spikes are a name brand made in the U.S.,” she said.

Other finds included spray bottles for plants and seedlings, seeds for as little as 25 cents or $1.25 for a larger pack, hanging basket hooks, and plastic pots and cups for potting.

Other finds involved a little more creativity with some potential DIY projects, including hula hoops for a low-hoop greenhouse, some aluminum trays to hold seed starts and blocks, and even trash cans to use as protective covers from animals.

One particularly helpful find was a microwave plate that she re-used as a ventilated greenhouse, thanks to the little holes it has.

“I used mine to start radishes in my garden, it was great, held in moisture and heat and everything started germinating even when it was super cold,” she said.

Last but not least, she picked up some spinning pinwheels to scare away birds and rabbits from her crops.

“Everything feels expensive right now but gardening doesn’t have to be. These are the Dollar Tree garden finds totally worth $1.25,” she said.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts: “Super helpful tysm!” said one commenter.

Others offered up their own hacks and ideas: “The little trash cans also work well for sifting dirt,” said a fellow gardener.

She recommended using a microwave plate as a ventilated greenhouse


She recommended using a microwave plate as a ventilated greenhouseCredit: TIKTOK/@creativegreenliving

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