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A CAR boot sale expert has given her top tips to help you make a fortune flogging your old junk.

Posting under the username ‘Carbootisfull’ on TikTok, the selling pro shared free advice on making some cash.

A car boot sale expert gave her top tips on how to flog your unwanted items


A car boot sale expert gave her top tips on how to flog your unwanted itemsCredit: TikTok/carbootisfull
The TikToker gave a number of useful tips which would help you shift the goods


The TikToker gave a number of useful tips which would help you shift the goodsCredit: TikTok/carbootisfull

With car boot sale season now upon is, sellers want to try and make as many sales as they can to maximise your revenue.

The TikToker started by advising those to take care in how you display your products.

She said: “If you have clothes, ideally put them on a rail if you want some good money for them.

“If you just want like 50p, 20p or £1, lay them on a tarpaulin on the floor or you could put them in bags or plastic sheets.

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“Basically just don’t have them lying on the grass as they could seem not very valuable and people could step on them and damage it.”

Newspapers, plastic bags and even old bedsheets are also good to put down.

She continued: “If you have things like ornaments, books, bigger items which are more valuable and fragile, put them on a foldout table.

“You could also put them on a couple of boxes piled up is also good.”

The car boot sale pro said that it is important to remember that appearances matter when hosting a sale.

Even though it is a backyard sale you should display things how you would expect them to be displayed, in a way that is attractive to a buyer.

And it was advised that laying out items on your car is also a great way to get them flogged.

The TikToker said: “Some people put clothes on their hangers then shut their car doors.

“I thought that was quite clever and a good way of utilising space.

“It’s also worth going to other car boot sales and see what they do.”

She added that those starting a car boot sale for the first time should start with things you or your family don’t need.

Over time, this will help build up knowledge about “what will sell” and what is best to be chucked.

It comes as a car boot sale expert gave her top five items to always buy.

It’s easy to get carried away and buy an item that appears to be worth lot at face value when in reality, it’s a pile of junk.

Whether you’re looking to bag a bargain for yourself or find an item you can sell on for a profit – or both – it’s a good idea to know what to look out for.

And the selling whizz also advised on the four items you should always avoid.

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Plus, one car boot seller reveals her secret for finding rare items.

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