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A CLEANING whizz has revealed how to transform your dirty patio just in time for spring and summer using items you already own.

When it comes to removing algae, moss and grease from your patio, the first solution to spring to mind is usually a pressure washer – but according to one expert, there are cheaper alternatives.

According to the pros, you don't even need a pressure washer to clean the patio - a bit of washing up liquid will do the job


According to the pros, you don’t even need a pressure washer to clean the patio – a bit of washing up liquid will do the jobCredit: Getty

Pros at Checkatrade said it was possible to clean patio slabs with inexpensive DIY methods that work like a charm, including dish washing soap.

Chatting to The Express, the experts recommended to first lightly dab the stain with a clean cloth, whilst also ensuring not to rub the stain – this will only make the grease spot worse.

Next, drizzle a bit of washing up liquid – laundry detergent works too – and let it do its magic for around 20 to 30 minutes.

The cleaning experts then advised scrubbing the stain and patio using a nylon bristle brush, as well as hot water.

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They said: “You can also make a paste with soda crystals and detergent, two tablespoons of white vinegar and two cups of water.

“This will make a paste that you can scoop onto the patio and brush with a nylon bristled brush.”

If you’ve noticed your patio to be covered in black spots, these are typically caused caused by moss or algae, and you’re better off buying a special product to tackle them.

“There are specialist patio and mould cleaners that you can buy that have ingredients that prevent mould regrowth.

“These should always be used with caution as the run off onto the grass or planted areas will likely cause damage.”

The experts reminded to also keep pets and children away from any area that is being treated, both during the process and for a day or so after.

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One common household item to best steer clear of is bleach, the gurus warned.

According to them, this is because the harsh chemicals could discolour and ruin the patio slabs, as well as cause damage to surrounding garden area.

Just as vital it is to remember to clean any grease marks immediately – not doing so could lead to permanent stains that will make for an  unsightly patio.

“Always research the paving stone that you have and put together a tailored maintenance plan to ensure that you are treating your patio in the way in which it needs to be treated,” the cleaning experts noted.

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