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IF you love decorating for Halloween and watching Hocus Pocus in the fall, these Dollar Tree DIYs are perfect for your home.

In celebration of the sequel to the 1993 Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus Two, coming out on September 30, here are 11 movie-themed projects.

A YouTuber and Hocus Pocus fanatic has shared 11 DIYs to get you in the Halloween spirit


A YouTuber and Hocus Pocus fanatic has shared 11 DIYs to get you in the Halloween spiritCredit: YouTube
These DIYs will make your home scream Halloween while also being cheap, easy, and quick


These DIYs will make your home scream Halloween while also being cheap, easy, and quickCredit: YouTube

A YouTuber that goes by the name The Weeks Nest DIY has shared her best Hocus Pocus DIYs using Dollar Tree items.


First up in the video was a small haunted house that is Hocus-Pocus-themed.

The Youtuber, Nicole, took a faux book stack found in the seasonal section of the Dollar Tree and attached a printable image (she used her Cricut machine) that read: “Hocus Pocus.”

She then took an old doll house roof that she had from another project, painted it black, and attached it to the book stack to make it look like a haunted house.

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To make the house look more worn down, she took a dry brush with tan acrylic paint and brushed it over the whole house.


For this DIY you will need some fake Halloween roses with faux eyeballs in them and a roll of faux leather from Dollar Tree.

Take a strip of the leather fabric, fold it over, and hot glue the two sides together to make the bookmark.

Then, take a faux eyeball from the rose bunch and hot glue it onto the center-right side of the bookmark.

Add hot glue around the eyeball, enough to make it look like eyelids.

Nicole also used the hot glue gun to make lines that look like stitches, along with a binding line on the left of the bookmark.

She then used acrylic paint to give the bookmark a more worn look.

Using a sponge brush, she painted over the bookmark with brown paint. The end result should look like the spell book from the Hocus Pocus movie.

Don’t forget to paint over the glue used to make the eyelid.

Finally, take a dry brush with some light tan paint to make the bookmark look more worn down.


A year-round item at the Dollar Tree can turn into a Halloween decoration with a little elbow grease.

Nicole found a circular sign that reminded her of a fortune teller’s crystal ball.

She attached blue and purple marble cardstock to the sign with a glue stick. Over the cardstock, she placed a printable that read: “I see a Hocus Pocus movie night in your future.”


This DIY involves two wooden trays from the Dollar Tree that Nicole stacked on top of each other using hot glue.

Before gluing the two trays together, she made more fake stitches and binding lines with the hot glue gun and added faux spiders.

For the spiders, she used party rings that she got from Dollar Tree and cut off the ring part, so the spiders would lay flat.

She then painted the whole thing with black paint and then went over it with a dry brush using light tan paint.


Lastly, she added letter decals that read: “I put a spell on you & now you’re mine.”



Dollar Tree sells pillar candles, which are perfect for the Black Flame candle that’s seen in Hocus Pocus.

All you need to do is glue a printable label, which you can find online, onto the candle.

If you prefer a fake candle, Dollar Tree has LED candles that you could paint black.


Next up is a super simple mirror DIY. Nicole found a gothic-style mirror from the Dollar Tree and turned it into a frame.

All she did was glue a black and white picture of the three Sanderson sisters from the movie onto the face of the mirror.

The frame is a rustic brassy color, but if you prefer a different frame, you can always paint it black or any other color with acrylic paint.


For all the Billy Butcherson lovers out there – this one’s for you.

Nicole took a pumpkin sign and spray-painted it black.

She then glued a Billy Butcherson printable onto the center of the pumpkin.

The pumpkin was also dry brushed with light tan acrylic paint to add some texture.


You only need two things for this next DIY – a Dollar Tree cutting board and a printable image.

Nicole glued a picture of the Sanderson sisters to the cutting board and that was it! You can use any image you want for this DIY.

You can either stand the board upright or even hang it with a hook or a nail since Dollar Tree cutting boards have a hole in the handle.


To make a Hocus Pocus decorative plate, you’ll need a printable, a Dollar Tree plate, and two minutes of your time.

Nicole used a black and white picture of a mirror reflecting an image of a cat. Again, feel free to use any picture you desire.

All she did was hot glue the image onto the plate, but make sure to use cardstock for the printable if you choose to do this DIY.


For this candy bowl, you need to buy a tiny chalkboard sign from Dollar tree and cover it in leather fabric.

Once you’ve hot glued the fabric to the sign, use the same technique as you did for the spell book bookmark.

The only difference for this DIY was the black paint that Nicole used on the hot glue lines.

She then hot glued a black spider web candy bowl to a black pumpkin.

The stem of the pumpkin that is detachable was fed through the bowl and used to prop up the leather spell book sign.


Nicole used a plastic small construction cone and a small plastic plate for a witch hat DIY.

She spray-painted both objects and then glued the bottom of the cone onto the plate.

This small decorative piece can be placed around other Halloween decorations for a nice centerpiece.

All the DIYs shown are quick, easy, and affordable ways to make your home cute and creepy for the Halloween season.

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