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A DOG groomer has shared the top breeds she wouldn’t own and the various reasons why.

She said there were animals with skin issues and there was one that is “very high maintenance.”

Content creator Millywuhoo is a professional dog groomer


Content creator Millywuhoo is a professional dog groomerCredit: TikTok/ millywuhoo
She shared the top 5 dogs she wouldn't own after being a dog groomer


She shared the top 5 dogs she wouldn’t own after being a dog groomerCredit: TikTok/ millywuhoo

Content creator Millywuhoo (@millywuhoo) enjoys all things lifestyle-related from silly moments in her life to motherhood to her job.

She works as a professional dog groomer and has picked up some interesting details from her occupation over the last few years.

In a TikTok video, she revealed the top five breeds that she wouldn’t own based on her experience.

The first breed she mentioned were dalmatians because they need “lots and lots of exercise” and have “unpredictable moods.

Next on her list was the cocker spaniel because they constantly get ear infections and have “a lot of skin issues”.

She followed that with the third pet, which was a bulldog, that also have a lot of skin and ear issues.

According to the content creator, they are prone to even more skin issues due to backyard breeding.

The penultimate dog on the list was a Goldendoodle.

“Very very high maintenance dogs. They need lots of brushing every day, and they need to be groomed at least once a week,” she said.

She added that since they’re so overbred owners are not sure what they’re getting personality-wise with their pets.

“Don’t let the cuteness fool you,” she mentioned.

Her final choice was the chow chow.

“They’re sweet. They’re calm. But when they’re mean, they are mean,” she said toward the end of the video.

“Did you guys expect this list?” she asked in the video’s caption.

Many people offered their two cents in the comment section of the video.

“I have a goldendoodle and I will probably never own another. Love her but soooooooo hyper, constant ear infections, can’t eat chicken and the list on,” a viewer shared.

“Awee I love my chow chow but…yes stubborn sometimes,” another chimed in.

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“Number one after being a groomer for 35 years. If I connect with the dog whatever breed it is, I’ll keep it and love it,” a fan wrote.

“I will agree with this with being a groomer myself… sheepadoodles..bernadoodle and lastly a saintberdoodle. all fools for grooming,” another added.

Her list included dalmatians, cocker spaniels, bulldogs, and chow chows


Her list included dalmatians, cocker spaniels, bulldogs, and chow chowsCredit: Getty