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A FORMER Marine has revealed her transformation after leaving the military with a green belt in hand.

Not only did she get a boob job, but she had a massive glow-up overall.

TikTok user Berii is a former Marine who earned a green belt before she left the military


TikTok user Berii is a former Marine who earned a green belt before she left the militaryCredit: TikTok/urfavberi

Content creator Berii (@urfavberi) is more than meets the eye.

Upon first glance, she is a confident woman who embraces her femininity by wearing revealing and low-cut styles that show off her curvy body.

In a TikTok video, she revealed that she wasn’t always so bold and brazen but rather covered up and strict.

She gave viewers a look at herself before and after she “realized her potential.”

The video consisted of two still photos that showed her years apart.

When the video began, the first photo was of her in uniform as she took a mirror selfie.

She was decked out in camouflage cargo pants, an olive green shirt and her hair pulled back from her face.

The visual followed a trend where the meme of a Stranger Things character walking forward and snapping his fingers to reveal the next look.

Her present-day vibe was a far cry from her initial image, as her curves were on full display and her long locks flowed freely around her face.

The second was still a mirror selfie, but she had a smile on her face as she rocked black lounge shorts and a white bandeau top.

“Just got out of the military and got a boob job,” she shared in the caption.

Someone in the comments made an assumption that she was a “barracks bunny,” which meant that she slept with many people during her service.

“Actually stuck in a very toxic relationship my whole military career,” she replied back.

People took to the comments to praise the beauty for her new look.

“Glow up even though you were cute before too,” a viewer commented.

“Learning you served makes me like you even more,” another chimed in.

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“Went from a lil snack to the whole buffet,” an admirer praised.

“It’s not possible!!” a fan added.

Since then, she's gotten a boob job and people are in awe of her glow up


Since then, she’s gotten a boob job and people are in awe of her glow upCredit: TikTok/urfavberi

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