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A FEMALE gym rat shocked people with her physique under her clothes.

Not only that but they were also impressed with her tattoos.

A female gym rat showed off her physique


A female gym rat showed off her physiqueCredit: TikTok/peach.toot

The content creator (@peach.toot) revealed her muscles in a video with over 260,000 TikTok followers.

She stood in a purple sweater and headphones before transitioning into a sports bra and workout shorts.

She flexed to show off her sleeves of tattoos across her arms and on her abdomen.

“It was leg day plz don’t come at my arms,” she joked.

Despite her reveal to her followers, the fitness influencer says she wants to keep her body a secret: “They don’t need to know,” she said, adding the hashtags #gymrat and #gymtransformation.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts: “Sheesh,” said one commenter.

“Sleeper build,” said another.

“Love the tats,” said a third.

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Her physique inspired others: “Looking good as always…..I need to go hit the gym fr fr,” said one.

Others were so impressed with her beauty that they were prepared to “risk it all.”

“I’m risking literally everything,” joked one admirer.

People were impressed with her tattoos and muscles


People were impressed with her tattoos and musclesCredit: TikTok/peach.toot

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