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A FEMALE scuba instructor’s embarrassing wardrobe malfunction has led to her being described as a “fantasy woman.”

She was able to laugh about it after the event, but it was still a squirming event for her.

TikToker Ronnie is a scuba diver instructor


TikToker Ronnie is a scuba diver instructorCredit: TikTok /savedasharks
She had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction


She had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunctionCredit: TikTok /savedasharks

Hawaiian-based Ronnie’s (@savedasharks) life is usually blissful.

Living in Maui, scuba diving in clear blue seas for a living, what’s not to like?

But Ronnie’s contretemps did not end well – but she could appreciate the light-hearted side of things as demonstrated in her post.

Her fateful day began like any other, taking a couple of clients out for some diving, a dad, and his teenage son.

Gorgeously warm, Ronnie decided to adjust her wardrobe for the trip.

“Deciding to wear just my bikini bottoms and not my wetsuit pants because the water is hot,” she said reasonably.

But she quickly realized that these panties were irritating her.

“On the dive and my bottoms were super uncomfortable but I couldn’t adjust because my customers are diving behind me.”

Awkward, yes, but there was little Ronnie could do about it.

However, if her aim was for satisfied customers, she certainly did that.

“Getting out after the dive and my customers were super happy even though the dive was boring,” she said puzzled.

She was even more so when they rewarded her.

“Got a $150 tip from one dive when the standard is like $20 – $40.”

It was not until she had returned home and showered that she became aware of her cringe-worthy wardrobe malfunction.

“Taking a shower after work and noticed my bottoms have been twisted all day.”

Yikes. “Realized my customers were so happy, especially the teenage boy, and tipped me great only because they could see my coocchie the entire dive.”

Ronnie’s post generated an awful lot of interest with over 200,000 likes and thousands of comments.

Many of course, could not help but have some fun.

“I think you’re going to be this boy’s fantasy woman for life,” surmised this viewer, “maybe inspired him to go in scuba diving now for profession too.”

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Another offered some wise and possibly comforting words for Ronnie: “Maybe they tipped so well to help counteract how bad your day was gonna be when you realized.”

But the final comment came from a wag from a long line in her comments section: “Now that’s customer service,” he said.

She squirmed with embarrassment


She squirmed with embarrassmentCredit: TikTok /savedasharks
But she got tipped well


But she got tipped wellCredit: TikTok /savedasharks

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