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A GYM girl is proving her critics wrong after she was successful in getting rid of one of her biggest insecurities.

Lower belly fat, also known as the “fupa”, is notorious for being incredibly hard to lose even with proper diet and exercise.

A gym girl is sharing her fitness journey on TikTok and proving her critics wrong


A gym girl is sharing her fitness journey on TikTok and proving her critics wrongCredit: TikTok/@getfitjournal

With a goal of losing more than 100 pounds, @GetFitJournal on TikTok is sharing her experiences with her over 18,000 followers.

“Rebuilding my confidence one pound at a time,” reads her bio.

She shared a video that featured words from her critics telling her that she would “never get rid of that Fupa.”

The phrase “watch this” could be heard in the background song as the TikToker is seen lifting weights.

“Day 25: Operation Fupa,” read the caption.

Her video received several comments with many praising her fitness journey.

“Great job, I’m trying to get rid of mine and it’s rough,” wrote one person.

The TikToker responded: “It’s hard.”

“Yes I keep working every day at mine,” wrote another person.

“Well done keep going you got this,” cheered on a third.

Others said they learned to embrace their fupa, which the TikToker said is a good way to look at things.

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'Rebuilding my confidence one pound at a time'


‘Rebuilding my confidence one pound at a time’Credit: TikTok/@getfitjournal

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