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EAGER gardeners might feel tempted to get outside to give their lawn some much needed attention after months of grey and drizzly weather.

Although it might still technically be a bit too early to sow grass seeds, you can still make it work, according to one gardening guru.

For an even lawn you can sow new grass seeds now if you follow a few simple steps


For an even lawn you can sow new grass seeds now if you follow a few simple stepsCredit: Getty

The problem with planting grass seeds this early in the year is the soil is often still too cold and wet for the seeds to thrive.

That said, director of Polhill Garden Centre, Josh Novell, said it can be done right now with a few simple tricks.

“Planting grass seed in spring is possible, however, the soil is usually colder and may make the germination process slower,” he told Express.co.uk.

Before anything else, gardeners must create the “ideal habitat” for their grass seeds, which means turning over the soil.

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To do this, use a rake to level out the ground ready for the seeds to be added to the smooth surface.

Ideally, this would be done in early autumn or late in May, but gardeners can make it work now, the seeds will just need time to “become established.”

Within 10 days, the grass should have established roots, the pro said.

During this time you can protect the seeds with straw to keep pests and birds at bag, the gardening guru added.

“By planting grass seeds properly, you can help prevent weeds from growing.

“A dense, healthy lawn is less prone to weed infestations,” he explained.

Only water freshly planted grass seeds one or twice per day until they’re fully sprouted, then reduce to weekly.

You should also avoid walking over it as it first begins to sprout and grow, since you could damage or kill the seeds, leaving you with a patchy lawn.

Staying off the grass is easier said than done, especially if you have kids or pets, but the results will make it worth it once summer arrives and you have a stunning lawn, the pro said.

Finally, mow your new grass once it’s reached around 10cm in height and strim edges for a even, deep green garden.

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