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DON’T chuck your orange peel straight in the bin – it can help banish flies, slugs and ants in your garden this summer.

Gardening experts have shared these unknown secrets to help keep plants healthy and thriving.

The method won't work if you use orange flesh instead of the peel


The method won’t work if you use orange flesh instead of the peelCredit: Getty

We all know these citrusy fruits are great for a vitamin C boost and glowing dewy skin, but they’re praised in the horticultural world too.

Chef and garden expert, Laura Ritterman, told Homes and Gardens about their natural properties, she said: “Orange peels are great for your garden, as they can help to add nutrients to your soil – aiding in the growth and maintenance of your plants.”

And she was backed up by fellow expert, Kevin Rodrigues, from Gardening Mentor, who also shared some wise words.

“One of the best ways to use orange peels to deter pests is to create a spray,” he explained.

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“Spray this every 3-4 days to get rid of pests like slugs, aphids, ants, whiteflies, and fruit flies – and to keep them away”, he added.

Another method is chopping up the peel into little pieces and scattering them around the base of your plant, according to the expert.

He said: “The pungent smell of orange peels can help deter some pests and rodents away from the plants.”

But it is key to remember to carry out the process while the peel is fresh.

It is also important to replace the old, stale pieces once they have dried out.

Gardener Josh Tesolin of RusticWise, offered another helpful piece of info.

He highlighted the method won’t work if you use orange flesh as well as the peel.

In fact, using orange segments can actually have the opposite effect.

He said: “The sugars and juices from orange flesh may actually attract some backyard insects.”

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