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A BRIDE has shared how her friend grew furious when she refused to change her vampire wedding theme.

The frustrated friend took to Reddit to explain how her friends called her goth wedding “too much” and “over the top” before refusing to come.

The bride plans to wear a  black wedding gown, in Victorian style, with a long, black flowing cape and tiara


The bride plans to wear a black wedding gown, in Victorian style, with a long, black flowing cape and tiaraCredit: Getty

 “I was told that I should go more traditional since my style freaks people out and I could tone down the look,” the user posted on the infamous AITA channel, where people seek advice on life and conflicts. 

The Redditor, a 24-year-old woman, said she and her fiance, a 30-year-old man, have been together for two years and they both have a Gothic style.

“Our home is like Addams family since we brought an abandoned Victorian style home,” she said.

The couple met at their city’s vampire ball, so they decided to do that theme, with a royal and gothic angle for their wedding at an old castle.

The bride went with a black ball gown with lace and a corset back, a lace cape, and a black tiara for her wedding day look.

 When she showed her  friends the outfit, they told her it was” “too much” and “ really over the top.”

 She said the friends advised her to go with him or the traditional style because she was only going to get married once.


 When she told them that she didn’t want a traditional wedding, they told her they won’t go because it was over the top and the wedding is scary.


“I told them that they don’t have to come but I’m not changing the theme over a few opinions over my wedding,” she said

 Redditors expressed support for the bride in the comments. 

“I’m not simply joking when I say that I’d like to attend a wedding with your theme!” one said.

“What you and your fiancé want from the wedding is what matters.”

Others noted they went to weddings that went even more extreme, such as Game of Thrones and pirate themes.

“This is MILD…and most of the comments were like hey if that’s what the bride wants that’s what she should get on her wedding,” said another/

“Anyway this is YOUR wedding and it sounds cool as hell. You hopefully only get married once, do what makes you happy!”

“If your “friends” say they won’t go to your wedding because of its goth theme…. are you sure they’re your friends? Get better friends, OP!,  a third said.

The original poster said they were so grateful for the comment, nothing they planned to keep the wedding true to themselves, and were at peace with their decision.

They said nothing at their wedding will not change, though costumes for guests are optional and formal attire is required due to the venue.