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A GYM girl has revealed her secret to transforming her glutes in the gym in only one year.

On social media, she shared the three glute exercises she said she’ll never skip.

A woman has shared her three core glute exercises


A woman has shared her three core glute exercisesCredit: TikTok/liftwsarah
Social media users were wowed by her one-year transformation


Social media users were wowed by her one-year transformationCredit: TikTok/liftwsarah

Sarah (@liftwsarah) is a Scotland-based 20-year-old woman dedicated to helping people get massive body gains through the gym.

Over on her TikTok channel, she decided to show people how she completely transformed her glutes in just one year.

“Realistic one year transformation,” she wrote in her video.

Wearing grey camo biker shorts she revealed what her glutes looked like before her epic transformation.

She then cut to a clip of her in red biker shorts where she showed off her amazing gains.

Her glutes looked way more defined and bigger.

“Realistic one-year glute transformation!! If I can do it so can you girlies,” she wrote in her caption.

The woman’s three core exercises to build her glutes included glute-biased RDLs which she tries to ensure she feels in her glutes, along with kas glute bridges, and reverse lunges.

People left the woman compliments on her video where she showed her one year transformation.

“Okay, but I love the spicy red shorts on you,” one person wrote.

“Such a good transformation,” a second person said.

“Sheeeeesh,” said a third.

In the clip where she performed her three core exercises, people were just as mesmerized.

“My fave muscle mommy,” one wrote.

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