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A DEDICATED workout routine will hopefully yield the results you want to see but it won’t come without hard work.

Thanks to this gym girl’s hard work, she practically lives in her bikini.

Tiana is a gym girl that works hard at maintaining her beach body


Tiana is a gym girl that works hard at maintaining her beach bodyCredit: TikTok/tiana.spam8

With only one video posted on her TikTok, Tiana (@Tiana.Spam8) has made her own impact with more than 1,500 followers.

“Living in a bikini,” she captioned her video along with a heart-eye emoji.

The short clip shows Tiana from behind as she walks across a beach in her bikini.

She used a popular background sound that said: “The h**s gonna love this,” as she walked toward the water.

Tiana’s video went viral with more than half a million views.

She also received several comments from people complimenting her physique, with some hoping to look like her.

“I wished mine looked as good as that!” said one person.

“Loving the view,” wrote another person.

“That’s the beauty,” a third person wrote.

One person joked about how distracting Tiana’s video was, asking “what color was the sky?”

“Seven,” answered one person.

“Yellow,” answered another.

Meanwhile, this gym girl is 5ft 8 and weights 200 lbs, and is technically overweight despite working out every day – she says she doesn’t care because her body looks “amazing.”

Also, this ripped gym girl has an “attitude” – she says she has the best reaction when men hit on her at the gym.

She said she practically lives in her bikini


She said she practically lives in her bikiniCredit: TikTok/tiana.spam8

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