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A GRANDMA has fired back at haters who tell her to dress her age with a candid response about aging.

While trolls tell the mom-of-three and grandmother to five to dress “appropriately,” in her heart she feels much younger than she is.

Anna gets told to dress her age but she feels much younger than her 66 years


Anna gets told to dress her age but she feels much younger than her 66 yearsCredit: TikTok @annab448

Anna (@annab448) shares content on TikTok that gives people a look into her high-energy personality and bold lifestyle.

She posted a video in which she showed how she typically dresses, and the reaction that she generally gets because of it.

Walking into her kitchen, Anna wore a graphic T-shirt with sparkly sheer panels that revealed her bra underneath.

She paired the daring top with ripped skinny jeans.

Text popped up on the screen, reading: “Dress age appropriately they say!”

As the cool grandma walked closer to the camera, she smiled in a pair of large cat-eye sunglasses.

“I say I am,” she wrote in the text overlay.

As Anna pulled off her sunglasses and laughed, she wrote: “My mind still thinks I’m 29 even if I’m 66.”

She added in the caption: “When people tell me to dress my age, my response is ‘I am. I’m 29′” with shrugging and clapping emojis.

People were in awe of Anna’s energy and style.

“Looking good,” someone commented, while another added: “Girl you got it.”

“You nailed it honey. Don’t change for anyone,” she was told, along with: “You can dress any way you like.”

In a follow-up video, Anna said that she also won’t act her age.

Wearing a printed, fitted T-shirt with a low scoop neckline, white ripped skinny jeans, and a choker necklace, she lip-synced along to a voiceover.

In the audio, a woman said: “Am I getting old? Absolutely. Am I going to start acting my age? No.

“Why would you do that? Why? The world sucks enough,” she continued.

Then Anna raised up a glass, presumably filled with alcohol, as the audio said: “Continue to be a s**t show, a fabulous s**t show.”

“Never ever will I act my age because I don’t feel 66. I feel like I’m still 29!” Anna wrote.

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Her followers were again impressed, writing: “You rock hun,” and “WOW just WOW.”

“No fun acting our age,” someone wrote, to which Anna replied: “Exactly!”

Anna dresses in form-fitting clothes and wears bold makeup


Anna dresses in form-fitting clothes and wears bold makeupCredit: TikTok @annab448
She often wears skinny jeans and has no plans on changing that


She often wears skinny jeans and has no plans on changing thatCredit: TikTok @annab448

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