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A HOT mom has responded to the ‘fashion police,’ who consider her style choices inappropriate.

She has made it quite clear she has no time for their small-mindedness.

TikToker Courtney is a hot mom


TikToker Courtney is a hot momCredit: TikTok/miraculouslycourtney
She wears what she likes despite what her critics say


She wears what she likes despite what her critics sayCredit: TikTok/miraculouslycourtney

Attempts by her critics to censor her wardrobe have amounted to nothing.

That is just the way Courtney (@miraculouslycourtney) wants it.

This hot mom has no intention of changing any time soon.

As far as Courtney is concerned, she’s a mom but there is a lot more to her than parenting duties.

“Just because we’re moms doesn’t mean we stop living,” she pointed out to her trolls.

This lady will not be silenced by keyboard warriors who have felt the urge to share their opinions with her.

In a post to her TikTok, she played up her hot mom image.

She wore a long checked shirt over a black all-over-body short suit.

“Your response to someone judging you for what you’re wearing since you’re a mom,” she said, with just a cursory glance at the trolls.

Courtney lip-synched to her audio and teased her detractors.

“Still Mom, but these are the years I’m supposed to be naked, with my t*tties out, my *ss out, oh yeah,” she said defiantly.

Then added: “Wear whatever makes you feel confident.”

Comments thought her attitude was inspirational.

“Watching your videos has really helped me try to love myself,” said one grateful follower.

Another convert concurred: “I couldn’t agree more. These are our golden years. Let’s go. Always wear what makes you happy,” she said.

The final comment was short and succinct but said it all: “Amen mama,” she said.

Her fans support her intention to dress her way and no other way


Her fans support her intention to dress her way and no other wayCredit: TikTok/miraculouslycourtney

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